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My SSD is now almost full thanks to about 6GB worth of new HotS files I never asked for.

I didn't buy HotS and don't plan to buy it anytime soon. I find it weird that Blizzard makes you download those files without even asking for your permission. Not only that, but it's phrased as ambiguously as possible so you don't even know what is going.

"Downloading data for an upcoming patch"? Really? An expansion is considered a patch now? This practice is pretty shady and only seems to encourage impulse buying by making it as fast as possible for a customer to buy your game. I can see how some people who planned to buy HotS anyway can find this useful, but you don't have to force it to those who don't and be so vague about what is actually being downloaded.

A simple phrase explaining clearly what files were being downloaded, along with Yes/No options would have sufficed.

Now after having wasted my time and bandwidth (I'm Canadian so 6GB is huge for my plan), it seems that I'm forced to have HotS files stay on my Mac.

The first thing I would have tried would be to replace HotS files with blank files that have the same name, to fool the Blizzard Updater into thinking I have HotS files installed. Unfortunately, I know Blizzard has strict anti-modding policy and I'm afraid this would be considered modding and isn't worth risking a ban.

So basically, to Blizzard: I feel you guys are less and less honest and respectful to your customers.

To other players: Have you guys found a way to delete HotS files without getting banned?

Whether or not you order hots, you still get new features such as the physics engine and the new UI. Also, clean up your SSD. I promise you there are programs installed on your comp or files that you haven't opened in months/years. And if there aren't, then you have other issues.
In addition to what Kelthar said, don't delete the files, you need to be on the latest patch to play the game, if you delete those but still want to play, you will be unhappy.
As Kelthar alluded too, there's no longer a difference between WoL files and HoTS files. StarCraft II is now "one build" regardless of whether you account has been upgraded to HoTS or not.
Sure, the update contains new features even for WoL users but it doesn't justify the whole HotS campaign being downloaded, from cutscenes to sounds and whatnot.

Maybe the game technically requires those files right now because that's how it was designed, but it doesn't mean it had to be designed like that in the first place. The technical excuse sounds about as legit as the ones that justify games like Diablo 3 and SimCity being online-only.

Maybe I'm in the minority caring about storage space, but 16GB being used for SC2 alone is huge when your main computer is a laptop with SSD only. The whole Adobe CS6 Suite is smaller than that.

Anyway, thanks for answering, looks like I'll have to just deal with that...

I don't understand why you have to mention that the HOTS files have to stay on your macintosh. You can just say "...on my computer". Having a macintosh has nothing to do with it.

Ah, seems like you want me to tell you that I'm a show-off for mentioning I have a Mac? Is that what the stereotype is nowadays? Sometimes I feel like people will notice whatever they want to notice about other people. FYI my post was originally posted in the Mac Support subforum, then it got moved here. Not sure why I'd try to impress Mac users saying I have a Mac.

It still could have been relevant anyway, since the files aren't exactly the same on the Mac version so I assume the modding detection would work a bit differently. I couldn't just assume they worked the same on Windows and Mac and risk a ban for trying to save storage space.

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