Cant connect to battlenet, sometimes crashes

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yeah I put up a support ticket and they just told me to do all the things ive already done, but with extra things like closing spotify or logmein, as if that would be the problem. If you have a wired connection then i guess we're screwed.
Try doing what I did but to your network adapter.
GG, I'm done. Not fixed but not worth the trouble of breaking things.
So I bought sc2 yesterday and after playing a few hours I came here to check if there's a fix for the disconnections and I noticed I'm in US region.
Since I'm from poland I switched to EU (losing all the achievements ofcourse, dammit).
Had no random dcs so far.
Sent a ticket through to blizz, they basically said that it was something on my ISP's end.

That's interesting because I play WoW and Diablo and ANY OTHER GAME EVER fine on this connection and am usually under 200 ping to blizzard servers which is decent for being in Australia.

My ISP is the biggest provider in the country, theyre not going to change anything just to help out some problem in this game.

So basically I have thrown my money at a wall and I can't get any sort of refund. Also as a huge starcraft fan ill never be able to actually play the game. GG blizzard it's been a good few years but I guess this is the end for me.
same problem for me ... i had this or atleast very similar problem with diablo 3 as i lived in new zealand ...
I had this issue D3 and there was an issue with Dlink routers supposedly and I had to stay logged into the general chat channel at all times to keep it from disconnecting all the time.

I have no idea how to correct it in SC2. But it does it all the time and is super annoying for me and everyone else playing with me.
Mouf, what is the model number of your D-Link router? I would first check for the latest firmware. Please create your thread, and we can troubleshoot from there.
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