Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class X

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IC: "So any idea how to get to them" Sam asks while stealing another kiss
"Yeah I know how I went down there for a short while the day after we got back from the derelict ship." I say before kissing Sam and standing up.
IC: "Alright I'll follow you down sweet heart" Sam says "Will we need to take any gear?"
"I don't think so but I always keep my sword with me so maybe you should take something as well."
IC: Sam pulls out his knives before putting them back in their place. "I always carry some type of protection" He says before reliezing what he just said. "I that didn't sound right....."
I grin and chuckle at Sam. "It's fine Sam I know what you meant." I say before leading the way to the lift that would take us to the ecosystems.
IC: "I wonder what we will fine down there" He says while following Tari.

OOC: Gonna call it a night
"Pretty much any biome known to Terrans and just about any non-sentient animal from Koprulu and a few from Earth. Or so I have heard." I slow enough that I'm beside Sam and I take his hand as I lay my head against his shoulder but I continue watch where we are going.
So I'm feeling lazy, so I'll ask for anything I need to reply to.
After a moment, the air vents on my suit flick open, blasting it clean with a short burst of hot air. The small cloud of dust and grim blown free was quickly picked up by the ventilation system;
"Gotta love that feature, cleaning made easy."
I say with a grin, chucking aside my gear.
I laugh and open the bedroom door, the clasps on my chest piece releasing, along with everything else. Placing it in the armor rack, I head for the shower. "Care to join me?"
"Cheeky punk..."
I say shaking my head. Pausing, I think for a moment;
"Sure, why not. Just make sure to keep your hands out of trouble."
I shake my head, laughing and step in, grabbing a towel and taking off the top part of my jumpsuit. "I'm surprised you'd think I do that."
"You never know..."
I say, unstrapping the rest of my armor, storing it in the closet.
I shrug, turning on the water, but not getting in yet, still wearing the bottom half of my jumpsuit, and lean against the wall, taking a deep breath before sighing. "Why are we doing this?"
"Doing what?"
I ask, arching an eyebrow as I head over to Terance, wearing only my jumpsuit.
"Helping Dante. I mean, he's been nothing but an @ss since day two, but here we are, sticking our neck out for him." I shake my head, a fist hitting the floor. "Why do I do so much for the few people I call friend?"
"Because it's the right thing to do?"
I answer with a question of my own, resting a hand on his shoulder;
"Come on there's a shower to take."
I nod, sighing and standing up. "Maybe you're right. Still, I just...I don't understand myself sometimes." Taking off the rest of my jumpsuit, I climb in, leaving the door open for Alicia.
Striping off my jumpsuit, I follow Terance into the shower;
"My my, nice and cosy in here... Just don't drop the soap."
I say with an impish grin, sticking my tongue out, as I go about my routine.

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