Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class X

Joeyray's Bar
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IC: after finishing my breakfast i decide to approach Cynthia sitting a few tables away "what are you looking at?" i ask her
03/13/2013 06:11 PMPosted by Steelwolf
OOC: Got it still sharing room with dante been 4 days since the ship mission and 1 day after void mind mission (How ever you wish to name it)
About sums it up.

IC: I don't look at Dante, I just stare at the notebook while jotting down a few of my own. "Not much... Finding a way to save your life of course... And I believe I found it... How long do you think you can wait for it? I might have to need a few days to find the ingredients."
IC: i unclip my visor showing my deathly pale face "i'd say... not long" i say
The sounds of writing stopped as I looked into his face... Death was all I could see. "You don't look too good... Are you sure you should be setting up a party?"
IC: i just let out a soft chuckle "in my state that's the only thing i'm capable of doing"
Rolling out of bed, I stretch, rolling my shoulders;
...that energy pulse my have knocked the wind out of me, but I sure as hell feel better now... weird...
Shaking my head I head to the cafeteria, my stomach growling.
My head dropped onto the table, sighing deeply before bringing it back up. "You seem to find it amusing... But almost dieing isn't something you should take so lightly! And I'm sorry if I seem like I'm yelling but you aren't taking this seriously enough. There are plenty of Zerg and Bots working on it... You don't need to make your condition worse."
IC: "Cynthia. Just let me do this, this one thing. I've hidden my condition from almost everyone and i guess this is how i repay them. I don't care if you send a million bots to help me just....please" i say with pleading in my eyes. "and i promise i won't do anything after that"
I give him a stare down. "Don't do anything stupid before I regret making this decision that I'm doing right now... Because there is no point in me in doing this if you are weakening yourself for an earlier death. Just don't overdo yourself."
IC: "its setting up a party with streamers and crap. I've already talked to the changeling chef about a cake" i say. "and Cynthia.... thanks" i add grinning as i walk out of the cafe
IC: Sam stows the gifts in his dorm room and then heads to the cafe to get his morning coffee
I awake, shower and in a bit of spontaneity I put on a simple yet elegant teal sundress. I keep my sword with me and head to the cafeteria.
Having head on over to the cafeteria after making sure his banshee was all tidied up, Eric looks around hs he takes a seat by himself, in a corner where he can watch everything going on.
IC: Sam sits down at a table in just his black cargos, a crimson T-shirt and his boots. He takes a bite of a sone while reading his PDA. He looks up at Tari as she enters the room and mutters to himself. "wow she looks really good in that."
I smile at Sam as I get some pancakes and bacon. I sit next to Sam and start eating. "So what do you think?"
IC: Sam is at a lost for words for a moment. "You look great in that dress" he says before taking a sip of coffee. "By the way happy birthday"
"Thank you." I lean over and kiss Sam on the cheek before returning to my food.
IC: "I wanted to show you something." He says as he moves his PDA over to Tari. On it is a large farm house near a small river. There are 4 wind turbines across the river. The sky has a slight green tint to it.
I look at the farm house. "Its beautiful ... but why did you want to show this to me?"
IC: "Once I retire thats gonna be my home. The plant borders protoss space but I talked to my contacts there and the protoss are fine with me living there so long as I don't cause trouble." He says with a smile. "Its already bought and paid for, I have some bots there for upkeep." Sam brings the PDA back to his side and finishes his scone. "So what your plan for today?"

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