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I shake my head, grinning as I get my hair wet and grab the shampoo. "Didn't plan on it, sweet cheeks."
I cross my arms and give Terance the preverbal look of death for a slow ten second count;
"...Sweet Cheeks?..."
My voice could have melted battle steel.
"Alright, so I pushed it." I start rinsing out the shampoo, giving her a quick kiss to apologize. "Sorry."
Grabbing his chin, I kiss him back. Pulling back I grin;
"Just be careful when and where you call me that, you could give me the wrong idea..."
I say with wicked grin.
I nod, stepping out of the water to allow her into it. "I'll remember that. Though I think the hand holding is somewhat of a give away." I chuckle to myself as I start putting on body wash. This felt right. I felt like I could do everything with Alicia and still be happy. I felt like I'd want to die with Alicia as my wife. Of course, we were still both fairly young, so only time would tell.
Stepping into the spray I stand there for a moment, luxuriating in the drumming of the water;
...almost like a massage...
I think with a grin, before pushing on Terance's shoulder, turning his back to me;
"I think you're going to like this..."
I murmur in his ear, as I start massaging his back. Working my way down his back, I give Terance an empathic push of relaxation and pleasure.
A slight tingly sensation runs up my spine and I lean against the wall. "You sly fox you." I immediately start to relax. "You're good at this..."
"Let's just say I've had a bit of practice..."
I say softly, working the base of his spine before going back up to his shoulders.
A small groan of pain and relief escapes me. "Ahhhh, that felt good. Been trying to get rid of that kink for weeks." I only relax more, letting her work her magic.
"On your knees, butter bones."
I say with an exaggerated tone of command, kissing the back of his neck, continuing the empathic feed.
I comply, slowly sliding down and leaning against the wall. "Not kidding, best massage ever. Of all time."
Letting out a peal of musical laughter;
"Something tells me that might just have to do with the circumstances, but I'll believe you."
I say softly in Terance's ear as I continue with the massage.

Completely working his shoulders, I move back down his back before focusing on each arm, slowly pulsing the empathic feed the entire time. With a sigh, I drop to my knees behind him, wrapping my arms around his shoulders and nuzzling his head with my own;
I nod, just kind of laying there like a boned fish. "You wouldn't believe it. How did you know?"
I chuckle, kissing his cheek;
"Practice and experience, Terance, practice and experience. While you were digging stuff up or bashing heads in, I was probably seducing hoards of cute boys and girls... But I think I've settled down now... Found somebody too handsome for his own good..."
I chuckle and nod, turning to face her. "I'd say you have. I have to ask something though."
Sensing a serious tone, I nod, a more somber expression on my face;
"What is it?"
"Why me?" There was no more to add to it. It was that simple. Of all the guys in the galaxy she could have chosen, why me?
I shrug;
"Circumstance, I guess? I'd kinda grown distant from most everyone I'd been with... It had been more fun and games at the time... If I was going to settle down, there was going to need to be a serious side of things... Someone from the frolics of my youth just didn't seem like the best of ideas."
I nod slowly, processing it. I suppose that made sense. Had I been more interested in women growing up, especially after finding Katarn, I'd have made the same decision. "I can understand that." I lean in and kiss her, pulling away and looking her in the eyes. "I'll say it again. I love you, Alicia Remington, and promise to never leave you."
"Damn straight."
I say, leaning against him. Reaching a hand up, I shut the water off;
"I'm feeling kinda lazy right now, so I'm gonna leave the whole drying off process to you..."
I murmur with a wicked grin.

Damn, these two are taking up quite a bit of space...

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