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I chuckle, reaching up and hitting a button that turns on an air dryer, relaxing as it comes on. "You wouldn't believe how many times I've fallen asleep in here."
I pout;
"I was hopping you were going to use a towel... Ah well, maybe next time..."
I grin mischievously. "Now, now, who said this did the whole process?" I help Alicia up and reach out, grabbing a towel and, starting with her back, begin to dry her off. "I can be sneaky too, ya know."
With a soft moan, I lean up against Terance;
"Hmmmmmm...... That's better..."
I murmur though half-closed eyes.
I work my way down her back and legs, coming back up to dry her arms and chest and stomach. "How'd that feel?"

OOC: I just realized this whole post will be dirty no matter what I say XD
LOL. sooooo true.

"Better and better... but once is enough for right now, I'm tired as hell."
I say with a yawn as I put my jumpsuit back on and slip into bed;
"Just don't take too long..."
I murmur sleepily.

And with that, I need to hit the sack. G'night.
Me too. Night.

IC: I get my own jump suit on, drying off quickly, and slide into the other side, snuggling up to Alicia, and drifting to sleep. My last thought was of how happy I was at this very moment.
Zaros had been brought back to the world from the cry of a Lyote was being torn apart by a large creature from Earth. A bear if he had remembered correctly. Zaros dropped down, the lighting of the veins came to a stop, but his irises still glowed intensely. Slowly he made his way through the ecosystem.

He entered the main corridor and a gun barrel was pressed against the back of his neck. Zaros did not hesitate. His arm snapped backwards, grabbing the arm of the threatener and pulled them around, the gun being yanked from their arm with Psionic force. Zaros slammed the attacker with such force that even a Marine would feel it through his armor. Zaros looked upon the face and saw the familiar black hair, blue eyes, and pale skin of his brother. He pulled away. "I thought you learned from last time to not do that."

"That was five years ago, Zaros." The sibling responded. "I have improved everything about myself."

"And you assumed I hadn't, Brian?" Zaros questioned.

"Well, you know, you were already pretty damn powerful, didn't think you could get much stronger." Brian had responded.

"Well deliver the news you need to deliver." Zaros demanded of him.

"There is a slight problem." Brian had replied.

"And what is that?" Zaros asked of his elder brother.

"Both you and Shade must be present for this. It is not something that will have to be discussed between the three of us." Brian had said.

Sahlk stomped through the halls, the sound created by him was minimum. He had advanced to the training room, and instantly his harpies and locusts exploded from their sacs, heading on their way to destroy the training bots. Their acidic spines pierced the armor with relative ease, and soon all that was left was a pile of green acid.

Korzis was wondering about what had transpired with Joan since he last talk to her, back when the second academy was just starting its construction.
!@#$ escalated between Alicia and Terance... Damn I am in envy at the quality of these posts compared to mine. *QQ*

IC: It seemed to have been a couple of hours for me and the others... With Terance and Alicia taking their sweet time and with it nearing the afternoon. Never ceasing too move from my spot on the soft and plush bed. A hammering headache of pain swept over the soul.... A hangover had occurred. Still seeing things though as if there had been another drink involved. Getting up while placing my legs on the floor, boosting up as the soft features hit the cold floor. "Ow..," I say in a muffled voice.

The door left slightly ajar.


Shade was walking down the hallways as she spotted several guards walking down on patrol. Stopping them she gave them all the names and faces of the traitors and they gave a nod. Taking off as to make sure their prisoners couldn't escape.

The walk to the ecosystem was alas a simple one... That's when she heard a lyote being attacked and eventually killed by an Earth Bear. A small glimpse of gun metal was pressed against Zaros's head and Shade rushes there immediately until she realizes that Zaros had handled the situation fabulously. Approaching from a bush, Shade began to overhear two people talking... Zaros and Brian. Walking out slowly from behind both of them she gave a solemn tongue, "I'm here... Why do you need both of us? And it better not involve another blasted potion in our sleep..."
IC: i was a psionic entity..... without a care in the world.....without purpose. i drifted through the halls with ease. But then i saw.....Cynthia.... just one of those reminders i'm not dead yet
IC: i was a psionic entity..... without a care in the world.....without purpose. i drifted through the halls with ease. But then i saw.....Cynthia.... just one of those reminders i'm not dead yet
That was different. Like is his mind just drifting?

IC: My mind drifting through moments of my past, eying each one with prejudice. That was when it dawned to me. Everyone that wasn't family that I cared about had died... But Dante didn't, not yet... even though he can be an insufferable !@#$%^-... I guess that's what made me smile. He was an *!@#$%^ but he cared... Wondering how I'll repay that -*!@#$% kindness that he gives off besides saving his life.

Snow appeared as a woman with long white hair. Solidifying her hand to reach for a key on the desk where the main computer was... Her actions unknown to all as she touched this key... A master code. Inserting it into her control, as to gain control.... Not even Seven had that kind of power.
That was different. Like is his mind just drifting?

might as well explain it..... he's dead.... sort of. he's totally detached his conscious from his body so it can focus all its energy on keeping the corpse intact. if the potion works Dante can return but if it doesn't the body will rot away and die, with it his conscious.
"No." Brian replies. "Info. Guards. Etc. I heard about your problems with something called the Solaris Consortium. I had heard about a meeting between them and the Dominion when he got a little too drunk. They might be making an alliance of some sort."
@Darkra, ah, okay then.

IC: "Brian, the Dominion is planning on having an alliance? Are you sure they just aren't a splinter group trying to takeover?" Shade says calmly.
IC: should i talk to her? should i leave her alone? She couldn't see me, feel me.... i was in a limbo of sorts. "forgiveness...... thanked" i psionically send to Cynthia.
"It may be. But, why the guys in some of the most luxurious places in the Dominion want to take over? And if they were, why would they be talking to these Consortium guys?" Brian responds.

"Are you sure it wasn't Umojan?" Zaros asks.

"Who the hell confuses Umojan and Dominion? And like you would be any less screwed." Brian says in response.
A beeping at my wrist woke me up, indicating we were coming out of Warp Space and coming into Dominion space. Getting up slowly so as to not wake Alicia, I head to the cockpit, hitting the camouflage button and sitting back. Soon we'd have the last ingredient and Dante could rest easy. Death would still come, but not for many years.

The Wraith exits slip space above the Academy world and begins it's descent, radioing the Academy control. A few minutes later, it lands in the hangar and Zack disembarks, looking for Shade so as to get some of the finer details as to what was needed of him.
"Because they are in a luxurious place and they want to lead perhaps? As for Umojan... It could be. But we need more information than they are just having a meeting." Shade says, "Briant, maybe it's an old scientist from the Old Dominion."


No.... problem... Right now I'm on the floor trying to get up but it feels too good... Plus I have a hangover
. I send back.
IC: i am.... dead... in a sense. you don' t know it. i am in front of you
"Maybe... But doubt still lingers for me." Brian responds. "Oh, and I met a group of rouge Ghosts. All of them looked pretty fit, checked their minds for neural inhibitors, none. So if you want I could probably convince them to start working as guards for the academy."

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