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{{It's you again eh? Shade is busy right now... If you want you can wait for her in her office because I believe she's having a meeting with someone.}} Academy control responds.


"Okay... Maybe but we do need more information than that... As for the Ghosts... I really am skeptical as I'm afraid something could happen and it wouldn't be pretty... Another question, why did you come to us, I thought you hated us... Especially your brother." Shade says.


Lovely... Quite lovely... I'm going to get up now as best as I can and get in the shower to freshen up for this afternoon... No peaking or I swear to god I will kill your ghost... And one thing, you are a loveable !@#$%^- you know that?
I say, jokingly.
IC: nice. can only communicate. in short. sequences
"Not hateful. More a slight dislike. Plus, you guys are family, I kind of need to do talk to you guys about things that will get you killed, and it is sometimes nice to see family." Brian responds. "And the Ghosts, they're like me!"

"I remember you trying to kill me on many occasions throughout the last, what? Twenty-four years, maybe?" Zaros responds.

"Screw you."
{{I'll see if a friend of mine is here while I wait.}} He heads for Terance's room, intending to see if he'd translated anymore runes.
I smile and wrap my arms around Sam my head still laying on his chest. There was a small basket sitting next to us that contains plenty of food in case we got hungry while down here. We had walked for a while enjoying the forest we found our selves in when we got to the ecosystems until we came across a nice beach around a pretty big lake. We had decided to stop here and just enjoy being together for a while.

OOC: no no black screen happened ... nor is likely to happen ... for now :P
"Ah... So pretty much you are just telling this and hopefully we might die... I see it now... And I'm thrilled to see you as well." She said in a cold voice.


Well... That's even better... I think? But I'm serious... Don't peek unless you value your life... Because that would just be really awkward.


IC: i will not. what is crystal rose?
Are you talking about the crystal rose on my nightstand? I say to him as I get up to the wheelchair next to my bed... Going over to the shower as I closed a curtain behind me so Dante couldn't see.
IC: yes....
That was from Terance when we were still together... He made it himself. The water could be heard as clothes could be seen piling up onto the floor. Getting closer as I sat down in the shower seat.
IC: i am sorry.... about him and Alicia. i think. its my fault
Me and Terance already talked about this... We realized that we would never be meant for each other no matter how much we cared about each other... We just.... We just left that's all. You don't need to be sorry... It's not your fault. Warm water pounding on my head. Helping deal with the stress involved.
IC: but somehow.... i think.... if we did not talk..... you 2 would still be together
"You misunderstand me. I am alerting you of something. If you can do something to stop that meeting, it'll probably save the lives of everyone here." Brian replies.
"I can't go is the problem... Zaros, you and Korzis will go to Korhal then and go to this meeting. Be back by 8 o'clock PM." Shade says.


You might be right... But you are forgetting that there's still the future and it still could have happened... Maybe this was just for the best. I get to be with an !@#$%^- that cares.
IC: you do what makes you happy. we are not a thing. there is no point if the feeling isn't mutual
Dante... Why would I bother saving someone that I don't care about? I 'step' out of the shower and dry off while dropping onto the wheelchair. A towel wrapped around me as the curtain moved back... I guess you'll have to see me if I want to get dressed. Unless you want to leave the room real 'quick'.
IC: i'm already out of the room. can pass through physical objects. still can communicate
Not finding Terance, Zack sighs and begins to wander, trying to figure out what to do. Solaris Consortium...why bother the's not like they did anything to them...did they?
I slowly began to change, after I had managed to get pants and a shirt on I brushed my hair and tied it back. Okay... But why would I save someone if I didn't care for them? I'm willing to push myself to save someone from near death... Why would I do that if I didn't care?

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