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Joeyray's Bar
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IC: caring and loving are 2 different things. you can care as a friend but love is another thing entirely
Isn't it but one the same? You have to care in order to love... I feel like that you are trying to say something... As if this isn't going to work either.
IC: i'm unsure Cynthia. Do you really love me? Will i be able to care for you properly? So many questions in my head. This is actually the first time i've been in a relationship
Right, can't wait for War all day.

IC: Landing, I check on Alicia before going down the ramp and heading for the bar the man frequented. Hopefully he'd be sober enough to point me to the right place. If not, I'd have to knock the sobriety into him.

Growing tired of waiting, Zack sets out to find Shade. The sooner he left, the better.
I don't know... I guess we just have to be brave enough and just do it... Kiss each other after you aren't dying... Because frankly I want this to be one where the relationship dies in a literal sense... For it doesn't end well for the male. Because he dies.


Zack could feel Shade outside the building with two others.
IC: i'll make extra sure not do die then...... But for the past 2 days that i have died. i have forgotten what it feels like to be alive
Then once I help you... I guess we can truly show each other that we love each other... I guess. Maybe I'll be able to show you what it's like to be alive... Just be warned, don't even bother asking for consent and thinking you can get that close because father would absolutely kill both of us. I was finished, my hair brought back into a braided ponytail.
Zack shakes his head and cloaks, moving towards the trio. One feels like her, the other Zaros, but I don't recognize the third one...guess I'll find out soon enough. Entering the biome, he moves quickly, heading up a tree and moving through them. That's when he felt a new presence in the Void, one that shared Shade's and Zaros' psionic signatures, but still retained a unique one. It was female too. Cynthia...what...what happened?
Shade waved them off as she walked away. Not even sensing Zack. Thinking on that meeting apparently between the Consortium and Dominion.


The water had ceased the headache from existence. Making me feel rejuvenated... Wondering what I could do to show Dante that I did more than just cared... I was just afraid though.
Zack waits until Shade is just past the tree he's in, then drops down silently and decloaking. "Flint said you needed my help."
IC: "are you done?" i ask Cynthia.
Shade froze in place from the sudden noise, before talking. "Yes... How do you feel about infiltrating the Consortium for us to obtain some information on anything they are doing and more importantly... The Twins and their mother." That's when it dawned to her. "Be careful though... They were controlling Void Beings on a derelict a few days ago... Knowing them they could have something to sense your presence. So don't do anything reckless to reveal your position."


Yeah, I'm done. So you can come back in... I'll even tell you this. Once you make it alive... May we have a dance at the party? You might need to help carry me but you want me to prove that I have feelings more than just caring for you... I'll have a surprise for you as well. I was afraid... But maybe this one brave act of not being shy would help.
IC: "sure. but i might be a bit disoriented as well. i'm getting kinda tired...... wait that's bad"
I froze with fear, opening my door as I went down to the dorms. I'm on my way right now! Any thing I can do for you since we really can't do anything... Finding where Dante's room was.
IC: i keep a spare terrazine canister in my duffle bag. just give me a whiff of that and i should be good. not too much though
"Well, that depends. I can vouch from prior...encounters, with their file system that any record of their mother has been expunged. Zip, zero, nada. But on them...I'll see what I can do. But," he pulls out his Void blade and spins it, the blood red lined black blade humming, "I want to know what happened to Cynthia. I can feel her presence through the Void. Then I need specifics on where I'm infiltrating."

Reaching the bar, I wait outside, sitting in an alley way, for the guy to come out. He owed me a favor, and he knew it. Just a matter of whether or not he would be sober enough to give directions.

(1 and a half later)

I spot him walk out, a woman on either arm and probably the most sober I'd ever seen him. What ever he was saying was making them laugh, but I couldn't afford to wait. Using the Aura briefly and flash stepping, I appear in an alley way in front of him and step out, causing him and the girls to stop suddenly. "Well, well, Phil, you found a hobby that doesn't involve me beating your sobriety into you." The man frowns at me, but doesn't make a retaliatory remark. Instead, he cuts right to the chase.

"What kind of info you looking for now, Terance?" I chuckle, leaning against the wall and lowering my helmet.

"You're a smart man. No wonder you're such a good informant. I need the Brain donors store house, asap." He stares at me, a look of "That's it?" written all over his face, then clears his throat, regaining his composure.

"Three streets over. I'm guessing you've a friend the Dominion wouldn't cater to. Just use my name and they'll let you pick what ever you want from the storage facility." Nodding, I turn and walk away, hurrying towards my destination.
I was shuffling through his duffle bag when I pull out the canister. That was when I put it up to his face and tried to get the gas out so he can sniff it. That was when it came out suddenly with a cloud of it in Dante's room. I got a big whiff of it and dropped the canister.


Shade sighs, barely audible. "Cynthia tore at her tendrils when she was delusional... You are infiltrating a facility... That might be the best place to go to... For they might be there regularly. If needed go to the one where they go to the most which is probably going to be the most secret. Play along and try not to get caught. If you do, get the hell out of there before they obtain anything from you."
IC: i return to my body for a short second....

i got up. grabbing the canister i turned it shut and rushed to Cynthia "are you ok! Please tell me you didn't breath too much in!" i say before guiding her out of my room and closing the door shut
"So she's new to the Void and no one has tried to help her? Zack shakes his head. "That'll be rectified when I return in two days. No more, no less. Shouldn't take that long to plant the virus anyways." He grins, 'sheathing' the Void blade. "And don't worry, they'll think it's a regular program."

Reaching it, I mention Phil's name to the guard and, after a bit of a debate, he lets me in. I move fast, selecting the most healthy brain and exiting. I open a channel to Cynthia. {{On our way back soon. I just got the brain.}}
"Two days... You know you wont be able to obtain everything there, no matter how well you are at hacking... They will be expecting any attempts at knowledge retrieval... Virus? What does it do? Because a Virus can do many different things." Shade says.


My hands were spazzing a tad bit as my natural psionic energy was leaking... Black. "I...I...I don't know, a lot!"
Terance couldn't get a hold of me... I was busy. Usually I would be able to answer a call but this time I didn't. Mostly because I couldn't think about what's going on around me.

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