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...The stark white room... the lights, voices... a cacophony to the senses... and the pain... the pain of an endless death...
Lying in bed, I start to toss and turn, sweat beading my brow.
IC: "aww f!ck" i scream as i carry Cynthia off her wheelchair and run for the training room. As we get there i place her on the ground. "ok i want you to fire all that excess energy on that target. and i mean all of it" i instruct her
I was told to do so but I couldn't, I couldn't focus on anything. "I can't! I can't think or focus straight. I might do something else with it!" I almost scream in the pain the energy brought... This feeling I wasn't used to.
IC: i grab her hand. "then let out a psionic blast. the electricity will travel through me and not harm the surroundings."
I shook my head fast, not wanting to come to terms with the situation. "I don't want to, I could kill you if I did that."
IC: "Cynthia i'm already dead. I can't loose you..... Please do it.... for me"
Without thinking the energy was unleashed on Dante, surging him with it as the blast was contained within him. "I didn't want to do that... Now I might lose you... because of me."
IC: "actually i didn't feel a thing..... My nerves must be dead. That is a good thing and a bad thing" i say before carrying her again. "sadly i left the wheelchair back at my dorm" i say grinning, before heading back with her
I had felt drained after releasing all of that energy into Dante... But also I felt withdrawn from something... Hurting me slowly while leaking slowly. "I don't care about that... We might as well be together right now... Until Terance and Alicia come back... But now I feel withdrawn from something. It might be the Terrazine."
IC: "it is. That was dangerous Cynthia.... you might have died. Us spectres had to be dosed with a variety of drugs to be able to take the punishment of the terrazine. Even after that most of us die and the ones that do survive are kinda insane" i explain to her. "after i get your wheelchair i guess i can take you out for a walk. Some fresh air will ease those withdrawal symptoms" i add
I was shivering now, clinging to Dante so I wouldn't fall just in case. Feeling dizzy. "The Spectre procedure affects everyone differently... You could be insane while everybody else isn't. They are eccentric, not really insane... Unless you think you are insane." I look into his eyes. "A walk would be nice... But I don't think sand would help."
Not getting a response, I sigh and board the ship, closing the ramp and taking off, then going to check on Alicia. I find her tossing and turning and I rush over, speaking softly to wake her up. "Alicia, wake up. Alica? Come on, wake up." I didn't want to shake her, or I might get a new welt.

Zack chuckles. "It's in info feed. Transmits everything to a designated terminal where I or some one I trust can pick it up. It's useful for a high risk infiltration like this."
But I don't think sand would help."

sand? when did i mention sand?

IC: "its going to be ok Cynthia. Just think happy thoughts" i tell her as i reach my dorm
sand? when did i mention sand?
You said outside for some fresh air, they are technically underground and the planet's a desert. XD

IC: Shade gave a nod. "Okay then... But after this mess has all been dealt with... And if it's information for blueprints or something that they are creating... Destroy it after we are done dealing with them or I'll oversee the destruction of it. I would rather keep that knowledge away from everyone... Including myself. Can that be arranged after this Consortium has been dealt with? For you might be the one to protect knowledge... Or just store it, but some knowledge is better off destroyed by someone that doesn't collect it. Because then they'll grow attached to it." She says, knowing what must be done once the Consortium had been dealt with... The only information she will gladly keep or allow him to keep is information on the Twins.


"I can't think happy thoughts when there are none right now..."
IC: "are you sure?" i ask before leaning in and kissing her
"No promises. I've been keeping all kinds of dangerous information locked away for years, starting with Narud's ability to resurrect the dead. That is perhaps the most dangerous of all the information I have, because despite all the weapons we have, the diseases, with that information, wars would never end. Relatives who need to die, would never be able to because their families would bring them back. I can't promise I'll destroy, or that I'll allow you to, but you can trust that what ever it's fate, humanity won't see it again." Zack's expression was one of an immovable rock, meaning he wasn't going to yield in any degree to the demand.
I find her tossing and turning and I rush over, speaking softly to wake her up. "Alicia, wake up. Alica? Come on, wake up." I didn't want to shake her, or I might get a new welt.

...pain... the endless pain...
My thrashing gets sharper and more violent, bordering on spasms. With a gut-wrenching cry, I bolt upright in a cold sweat, screaming in incomparable agony.
"You don't understand. I would rather completely destroy it then allowing someone another chance at using it for something prosperous! Even you realize that some things are never meant to be known. By you, by me... By anyone. Just let me give you a piece of advice which you probably surely know by now in your work. Don't underestimate or overestimate someone... Because that one will be your down fall." Shade says as she walks away.


The kiss was sudden as I blushed... He made the first move... I was a coward but... It did give me a happy thought to use. I smiled as best as I could. "Thanks..."
IC: "no problem. i promise the next one will be.... warmer" i say before lowering her into the wheelchair. "so where do you want to go?" i ask
I wrap my arms around her and I hum a simple tune, one my mother had hummed to me when I'd had nightmares. It was about peaceful things that made an individual happy. For me it was a good read, training, a dig, and, once upon a time, my family. For Alicia, it would probably be different.

Zack laughs and heads back towards the hangar. "Let me know when human beings can survive in the Void. Then I'll worry."

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