Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class X

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The screaming continues for moment before cutting off in a terrified whimper as I go slack in Terance's arms, collapsing against him, trembling.
"There's a lake surrounded by an underground forest and a beach... It could be nice as it's one of the ecosystems we created." I say gently as my head was resting against the seat.


I know of several people with the potential including me and Zaros... maybe the kids as well. Shade says psionicly, not wanting to converse anymore physically.... It's a sad thing really. Everyone is ignorant but they don't really show it... including I.
I stroke her hair, continuing to hum for another minute before just letting her lay against me. "What happened?"

Zack chuckles darkly. Potential is one thing, my dear. Ability is something else entirely.
IC: "right away my lady" i say jokingly as we begin walking for the ecosystem
Incapable of vocalizing it, I open my mind to Terance allowing him to 'see' the nightmare I'd had, also drawing on his love and support like a sponge via an empathic link.
Don't push your luck... Zack. I may not know your full ability, but you don't know mine either... It's actually funny. We can do this all day... But how about we go to this since you enjoy your damn knowledge. I allow you to save any data that can actually save people... I'll destroy anything that can cause harm. You may then pick up the fragments that are left over. Shade's tone serious, every inch of her voice was cold.


"Don't call me lady please... You'll need to take the lift to it though. It's in the main ecosystem next to the academy." I say, looking down and thinking on what just happened.
IC: "no problem. you seemed worried" i say
You underestimate a great deal, Shade. Don't worry though, I'll handle this as close to how you prefer as possible. He blinks, appearing in the hangar. Climbing in his wraith, he takes off, heading for Consortium space.

I growl in anger as I see it, but continue soothing Alicia. "Sick bastards...instant incineration was too good for them."
I know I do... But it keeps me thinking that I can do what I need to do in my mission to help others from being harmed... A lie to help myself. You should try it... But I will say this, everyone is ignorant about something... We are being ignorant to each other as we speak... Don't you find that interesting?


"Yes... I am worried. It's about what happened but then that sudden rush of excitement that you just gave to me... I really don't know how I should think right now... If I should be happy of what just happened or be sad about what just happened before you did that." I say.
"Yeah... they got to watch the warning counter for the reactor overload tick to zero..."
I reply psychically, not trusting my voice. Tightly pressing my head to his shoulder, I hug him back. Still shaking, I hold onto Terance's mental presence like a lifeline.
IC: "then don't think about it. Stuff like this, the more you think the more complicated it gets"
"If I don't think about it I'll be lost... Nothing to guide me no matter how terrible it is... No matter how complicated." I say, almost crying.
IC: i hug her as she cries into my shoulder "you want to talk about it?" i ask
"No! I don't want to talk about the pain involved... Maybe after we save you and during the party... They'll be talking with each other so they wont be able to overhear us." I say. My eyes were red and my face was starting to look all puffy and swollen.
IC: "why don't we go to your dorm to simmer down? i'll wait outside"

OOC: gonna be gone for about an hour
I gave a soft whisper under my breath. "...Okay..."
Zack gave no reply as he was out of range.

I simply hold her as we return to the Academy, letting her do what ever she needed to to calm herself. "That's still not what I meant...You going to be alright?"
OOC: Note wet moss on bricks are slipper then what emt boots can walk on and hurts like hell when you slip.

IC: "I would have never thought something this pretty would be here" Sam says while looking around. "And the ecosystem is pretty nice too"
I'll do it myself. Let the child rest. And he will be reckless if he sees the twins again. Zaros speaks to Shade Psionically. I will just need an hour to get my weapons and armor ready.
Okay Zaros. Just keep an eye on what's going on and frankly... I don't know what to do with the students tomorrow... I believe I'll set up drill for them. Shade says as she walks back in. Scanning the halls for anything that could be suspicious.

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