Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class X

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I shrug. "Likely just relax and maybe spend sometime in the Training room."
IC: Sam steals a bit of bacon from her plate. "Sounds good to me." he says with a smile. "Hey I was wondering if later today you would let me take a picture of you"
"That's fine with me." I smile and take a bite of pancakes. I elbow Sam playfully for stealing my bacon.
IC: Sam laughs as she elbows him before looking down at his coffee. "I've been in the Dominion military for about 24 years. I've had my share of comrades who were like friends. Partners in missions, hell even had contacts that I made that became like family but you are different. You're the only one I've ever had these feelings for. I truly do love you Tarioshi Onaka"
I smile then lean over to kiss Sam again. "I love you too Sam Wolfe." I stand up and put my empty tray away. "I'll be in the hangar if anyone needs or wants me." I leave the cafeteria heading for the hangar to spend sometime aboard ShadowWalker.
I prod the sleeping traitor after making sure his restraints are in place. "Wake up scum, you have a busy day a head of you..."

I wake up and put on a robe before heading for the cafeteria. I pass Dante on the way and could sense the lack of life emanating from him. "Dante, what is ailing you? I can sense you life essence slowly degrading."
IC: Sam finishes up his coffee and takes his tray back. He has a large grin on his face. Sam heads back to his dorm room to wrap the gifts.

OOC: I'm off for the night. I hope everyone has a good night.
Eric, in the cafeteria hears Sams comment and frowns to himself. He'd need to have a talk later with him, and set some things straight in Eric's own mind, in case he ever went on a mission with the guy.
I sniffled, looking up. "I love you... but it seems as if I have more in common with Dante... But I feel like as if I'm betraying myself and you by doing that... Brother and father would also be disappointed in me."

I shake my head, looking her in the eye, my eyes showing nothing more than kindness. "I'm not mad at you, and your father and brother would be fools for being mad at you for following your heart. I...have something I need to tell you too."

I chuckle as I begin putting on the rest of my armor after locking the last clasp on my boots. "See, I spend so much time moving, that's the least of my worries."
I arch an eyebrow;
I say getting and heading for the bathroom, my under-armor/jumpsuit clinging to my curves, something that normally irked me, but not right now.
I keep an interested eye on her, chuckling. "Well, what can I say? I'm an archaeologist." I stop after putting the the leggings on and get out my great sword, sitting down, drawing it and starting to sharpen it.
"Um hm..."
I say, smiling as I start to close the bathroom door behind me. Leaving it open a crack I poke my head out;
"Just don't get any ideas now."
I with a grin, shutting the door.
I chuckle, shaking my head and focusing on honing the edge. It was a pointless thing to do, I'd discovered two years ago it was only getting sharper from use. "Don't slip, or I will have to come in," I call, laughing to myself.
Comes the muffled reply through the door as I peel off my suit and hop in the shower for a much needed wash.
Noticing my family crest, twin crossed halberds on a field of red, was wearing away, I head for the bathroom, knocking on the door. "Hey, I gotta come in for a moment and grab something."
"You've got the be kidding me... Fine, just no peeking."
Comes my reply along with something that sounds like a sigh and a chuckle, the door and running water distorting the noise.
"Didn't plan on it." I open the door and head for the closet, opening it and rummaging around for the replacement crest I'd made. Once applied, it would be more permanent. "Come on, where'd it go..."
I roll my eyes;
"Don't tell me this mysterious object just so happens to be in the shower... Typical... Just what are you looking for anyway?..."
I say, sounding mildly exasperated, but amused none the less.
"Replacement family crest. Put it in here cause I ran out of room elsewhere." I rummage around some more before finishing the thought. "That, and I didn't think I'd need it. Guess that's what I get." Going to turn and say something over my shoulder, but crack my head on a shelf instead, resulting in a string of curses. "Son of a b!tch that hurt."
I let out a peal of laughter;
"What do you do? Stub your toe?"
I ask, teasing.

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