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I stand up, rubbing my head and holding the crest in hand. "Hit my head actually. Not a good feeling first thing in the morning."
"Poor baby..."
I say, still teasing but in far more sympathetic and understanding tone;
"What's this crest of yours look like?..."
I ask.
"Nothing fancy. Reavers never have been for fancy though. Just a pair of golden halberds crossed on a field of red." I go back out, leaving the door open a crack, and set to putting on the new crest.
"To the left side of the middle shelf behind the large thing of deodorant. I spotted it while looking over what you had in here."
I say.
I chuckle. "Found it right after smacking my head." Finishing, I set the sword aside and go in, grabbing my toothbrush and toothpaste and getting ready to do my regular hygiene. "I'm surprised at how well Cynthia took the news."
Don't go putting words in CR's mouth, that's just not nice.

"Then why didn't you say so?... I'm glad to hear it, I don't want to get in a fight over something like this..."
We talked it over in DA. It's all good.

IC: "I'm glad we didn't. To be honest, her and Dante make a good couple, just...wish the fellow wasn't dying."
Ah, that's cool.

"These people seem to have some pretty damn advanced tech, so whatever it is they aught to be able to fix it."
I say confidently. Shutting off the shower, I reach a slender arm out and grab a towel.
I notice and my cheeks turn a bright red. "I can step out if needed. And from what Cynthia told me, it's something his brother did. Started...doing to his brain what had happened to your psyche. Only his is proving lethal."
I laugh;
"It's fine..."
Hearing Terance describe Dante's condition, I shudder and shake my head;
"Similar perhaps, but I doubt it's the same, I was a test subject for psychic repression drugs, but still..."
I trail off, feeling sick to the gut, memories of the agonizing two months I'd been used surfacing to the forefront of my mind.
"You alright?" I knew I'd said something to worry her and now I felt bad about it. "Didn't mean to upset you."

OOC: Can I get a description of Alicia? I just realized I've not had one yet.
About 5' 6", slim, good looking, relatively short tousled black hair with red streaks, gray eyes.

"It's alright, just unpleasant memories of the two months I suffered through as a test subject.. slowly feeling my psyche die."
I say, my voice rough with emotion. Wrapping myself in the towel, I step out of the shower a haunted look in my eyes.
I hang my head. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to..." Shaking my head, I get the toothbrush wet. "Gaia, but I'm horrible at this."

OOC: Thanks, now I have an accurate mental picture.
Zack, I have a request for you.... How soon could you return to the Academy?
I smile wanly;
"It's fine, really."
I say stepping over to Terance and pressing my head to his chest, wrapping my arms around him.
I wrap my arms around her, holding her close. "Doesn't make it right. I knew it bothered you, but...I guess just not to what extent..."

Zack jolts awake, looking around the Wraith sleepily and then realizing where it came from. Sorry, was asleep. I'm actually scouting out my next gather. Why?
I just stand there, enjoying Terance's company and savoring the moment. Tentatively, I reach out with my mind to his own, brushing up against it.
I need to know everything you do of the Lierth Twins. It seems they are taking interest in the Academy, we also have a need for your infiltration skills.
I chuckle, holding back the feedback that would normally have hit her. "Gonna take some getting used to that. I've...not always allowed a psionic into my mind."

As in the Solaris Consortium Lierth twins? Why'd they take an interest in you guys?
The very same. It might have some to do with the Commune ship that ended up in orbit over where we are. That and I am sure they would like revenge on the people who 'killed' their father.

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