Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class X

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Zack stretches and looks down at the research facility he'd been observing from his Wraith. Guess it couldn't hurt to wait a few more days before acquiring their work. Guess I can head that way now. Any particular time frame you'd like me to arrive in?
I grin;
"I wonder what you'll think of this then..."
I murmur, an empathic burst of love and warmth rippling through the link.
It caught me off guard at first, but I adjusted quickly enough, enjoying the sensations and tentatively sending back similar feelings that I felt. Katarn was content to retreat deeper into my mind and let us have what privacy he could, all things considered. "That's...definitely something I could get used to..."
With a smile, I reach up on my toes, kissing Terance on the lips. Drawing on his emotions, I form an empathic loop, the feelings flowing back and forth like an electrical current.
When you can. It isn't priority as of yet to infiltrate their operation but we do need to know as much about them as we can.
Whoa there tiger XD

IC: I kiss her back, letting my own emotions add to the loop, but keeping a grip on my baser desires. No, not now. I want to get to know her more first. I lean back, a crazy grin on my face. "That...was...amazing..."

Starting the engines, I head for the atmosphere. Don't really have much on them. Never seemed important enough to warrant my immediate attention.

I grin ear to ear, letting the loop ripple and fade;
"And that right there is one of the advantages of having psychic empath for a girlfriend."
I say wickedly;
"Now, if you'll excuse me..."
I continue grabbing my jumpsuit and heading out of the bathroom.

I gave a weak smile with a slightly frustrated look but I shrug it all away. "So... It seems to me as if we both had or have something to hide... Wouldn't you agree?"

I knew I didn't have long to save Dante... But I don't know how fast I'll be able to get the ingredients. Plus since I can't walk I'll have to rely on a few others. Maybe Terance could help... and Alicia.
IC: "oh nothing much, dying on the inside slowly that sort of thing. Cynthia's already on it, maybe you could help her get a few ingredients" i answer before walking off. that's strange... when were there bugs in the academy? reaching out to one of them it suddenly disappears. i shake my head and go to the dance hall....

setting up the party actually wasn't that hard. with all the Bots helping me the only thing i had to do was tell them where to put this and that. After, i just lean against the wall and radio Cynthia {{umm ya can you kind of speed up the process cause i think i'm tripping sh!t}}
I nod, grinning sheepishly. "While you found Dante, I found Alicia. But I still want to be your friend. I made you a promise I'm not going back on."

I chuckle and start brushing my teeth, looking over my hair as I do it. No peach fuzz or anything...does that mean I don't get my beard back? Ah well, least the haircut is cool. Finishing, I grab a hand towel and dry my face. "Am I good to come out?"
"Yes Dante I could possible do that. Most of the healing I do uses my psionics though." I reply before he walks off. I shake my head and continue to the cafeteria to grab a meal.

I jab the traitor again this time hard enough to break a rib. "I said wake up."

Well they are planing on taking down Poltergeist I am sure of that. Terra knows if they might even have some information on things as well.
Zack takes a moment to use the Void to review the recent happenings of the Academy and shakes his head when the bit about the traitor comes up. Well, seems you had a rat in your nest. Want me to find the others before I go?
If this one leads no where than yes. I want to see if I can get him to talk first before trying to filter through everyone here.
Zack grins as he breaks atmosphere and enters slip space. You wouldn't have to go through everyone. We can look and sound like anyone we've ever met or seen and heard. All I need is a chance to speak with and look at the traitor and then I can ferret out the other four.
They probably know that he was caught if they didn't then they are fools for not keeping track of their people. That will probably be an option in time though.
He shrugs, pulling up his archive and seeing what he can find. You think about having Cayl search through the Lorian ranks? And the fact that he gave a gender will really cut back on the number of Lorians he has to search through.
I think he is on it already but I will make sure.

{{Cayl you searching through the Lorians for one of the other traitors?}}
{{Figuring out how to search the females without setting them off. It could just do a surprise mental examination...There we go. I'll get started.}} Cayl makes the call and soon all the females stand before him, though one was more shifty than the others. An Assassin, also female, began to scan their minds, with orders to search for something other than the typical secrets.

Good to know. I managed to dig a little up on the Twins. You'd be right about Poltergeist, but it isn't as simple as that. These two want to make all of their affiliates pay as well, which is why they've started putting heads with the Lorians.
Thanks keep me posted on what you find...

{{That's always the trick isn't it}}
{{Usually.}} The Assassin was about halfway to the skittish one, and she'd only gotten worse as the Assassin got closer. Cayl, his helmet up, kept a careful eye on her. {{I may have found her already.}}

Will do. He keeps reading, then snaps his fingers. Flint, do you have anyone important that works for Poltergeist?

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