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Aside from myself Shade Zaros and several others here... You might need to be more specific.

{{Good, How do you plan on dealing with her?}}
{{Usually we kill traitors in a way chosen by their family, but for the information she has...probably sedate her and strip her of weapons and armor. Probably title too.}}

Zack sighs and keeps reading. Someone you love.
I stop for a moment before replying to Zack. Yes I do... Why?

{{That seems a little less harsh than I'd expect. Could you not remove her abilities as well?}}
{{She's only a grunt. Only powers she has is the training.}}

I hit one of their research stations around 3 months ago, just to test their security and see what I could get. I'd forgotten about it, but there was a list stored there of Poltergeist members important to those who killed their father. They were marked for torture and slow death.
Then Jessica is probably near the top of the list right below Shadow. She is probably the closest thing to a daughter I have. As for Dani.... I know she is safe...
For how long though? There were experiments on how to find and attack KLR9 and capture most everyone alive.
Long enough... Terra help anyone who tries to harm her...

I look over at the man again and kick him hard in the shin. "Come on ya little prick rise and shine."
I sit in the main area of ShadowWalker as it is bigger inside than outside, talking to myself. "I wish you were here mom. I miss you ... and your guidance ... I've come to terms with having lost you and I won't mourn anymore but I'll never forget you ..."
You're fortunate I stole all that info and destroyed the research facility, camera data and all. Still, there's a chance they had back ups well before I got there.

The man groans, but does nothing else. Clearly capturing that many minds and holding them took most of his strength, if not all.
It wouldn't surprises me knowing how Lierth was. If they are anything like him then it is certain that they have back ups. Oh would you by chance know who their mother would be? I know it isn't Jessica as her only offspring was Ben and well.. he met Umbra...
Sorry, but any mention of their mother was destroyed. Whether it was by them or her is still unclear.
Damn... Well here is still one option that we have yet to exploit. Asking Lierth himself...

Shadow, what does Lierth know of his biological children?
Have fun with that. Shadow still isn't a fan of Mister Neil Lierth, even if he did choose to consume him.
I know but they still share a mind regardless.
Zack chuckles and continues digging as his Wraith flies through slip space.

OOC: Wherefore art thou, Warhawk?
"Oh... I just wished that you could have at least told me... " I felt saddened... Not by him choosing Alicia over me but for not being honest... Not like I had fit that picture as well. "You two could be good for each other... But right now Dante is being a pain in the !@# right now with his bloody mind literally rotting... and he doesn't take anything serious..." I say with a soft tone.

My head was pounding as I slowly developed a headache. Annoyed with Dante even if he cared... Maybe this is what Terance meant? That we were meant for each other even if he is a pain in the $%^.... He's just going to be a number on the casualties that I knew personally at the end of the day though... My comm was buzzing and I turned it on. {{Explain... I didn't quite hear that.}}


The man finally woke up with pain coursing through his chest. His hair all matted and ugly after last night. "Will you please calm down?"
"It's...fairly recent. As for Dante's psyche...I don't know what to say. Unless you get help from the Queen down at the hive." I rub my chin, thinking. "Well, one way to slow it down," I pull a small vial out, a greenish red liquid in it, "would be with this. It's an ailment cure that slows down anything for two months. Don't ask why I needed it."
My eyes raise up as I stare at the liquid. "I don't think I want to know anyway.... I mean... I also grabbed some books and I found this notebook with some weird potions in them." I say, showing Terance the notebook along with the bloody pages that I had ripped out to mop blood with... "They are still eligible, the ones with blood."
"Bout time... I was just about to turn you over to Boris for infestation. As for calming down, I will when I get what I want to know. I need names and don't go on with your 'I am a dead man anyway' speech. I know you don't value your own life anymore. Now start talking."
The Assassin reached the skittish woman and she freaked, attempting to run. Cayl had been ready and froze her on the spot. The Assassin only nodded affirmative. {{Shade, Flint, I found the Lorian traitor. She's frozen in a block of ice, but I can thaw her when needed.}}

I take it and look it over, laughing at a potion a page over. "Here's one you can use once he's recovered. Gender Bender potion."

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