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{{Better hope you are correct or that there are no others that have been turned.}}
{{She's it, Assassin confirmed it. I've got her going through all the other minds of the females and a male going through the minds of the males.}}
IC: {{i'm tripping sh!t. First it was bugs and then.... i don't even wanna talk about it. I'll just let the bots handle the rest.}}
"I know that one of the other traitors work in the MedBay... Even injected Korzis with a liquid telling him it was to relieve the pain... He wasn't lying but there was something else in there... A transmitter if anything. Not to sure..." The man says.


I give Terance a cold look and I do not laugh. "That is not funny at all... You tell me to do that... What am I supposed to be a lesbian or something now?"

{{Dante... Just go to your room and rest... No point in overworking yourself.}} I quickly close the channel and try to contact Terance, he might be able to help. {{Things are getting worse with Dante, he's seeing things that aren't there. It's getting much worse and I'm afraid I might not be able to get the potion ready in time... I need ingredients that aren't from this world.}}
IC: i was getting weaker. "Jack i need you to take over my body and help Cynthia collect the ingredients" i say " why should i help you again? even if you die and me along with you? Jack replies "i'll give you free floating privileges if i live" i growl. " deal!"
I sigh and shake my head. "I know the guy's dying, Cynth, but a little humor does wonders for a persons health."

{{Did you give him that serum I gave you last night?}} I think hard on the list Cynthia had messaged to me earlier. {{How many do I need to get from off world?}}
"I know that, Terance... But I didn't find it funny at all... Turning him into a girl... Damn it, don't give him any ideas, he might like that idea."

{{Yes, I did... I told him that it would help him slow his death but it doesn't seem to be working... Get me five of each... And unfortunately it could take a day or more to grab all the ingredients... He might die tonight for all I know...}}
i strolled into the cafeteria being in Dante's body still felt a bit.... icky. "so have you told him yet?" i ask Cynthia
I chuckle as I shake my head to clear the image."Good point. Fine, I'll refrain from the jokes until after he's recovered."

{{Five of which ones?}}
{{Of the Fire Weed, an actual brain from something that's Terran and... Maize?}}
I look to see Dante acting funny... "Tell who what?"

"Yes... Unless you want to do that to him yourself... That's your choice. But I heard that the antidote for it was annoying as the Gender Bender potion didn't reverse the gender."
"I probably will just use the mechanical stink bugs I build for just such occasions."

{{Old Indian Corn. I have some of that on my ship. Fire Weed...Char maybe. And a willing Donor? Well, I know a Dominion official who doesn't need his anymore.}}

Shadow's mental presence sighs. Lierth here was a womanizer. He had . . . relations with about half the waitresses in his complex. It might have been any of them. There is also a good chance it was one of his four female ComTek commanders, who all got their positions "the woman's way". I'll save you the graphic descriptions. {What's wrong, boy? Can't handle adult stuff?} No, I just want to spare them needless carnal detail, and . . . oops.
I sigh and gave my own slight chuckle. "Just leave him be if he does live... So leave him alone until he recovers from it all... Then he's fair game because then I'll probably tease him as well."

{{Thank you Terance... And I don't want to know about the donor part... Just do it please and don't save the details.}}


Shade was wondering some more about the Lierth's... {{Cayl, is there a chance that their mother could be someone that was kept in the dark? A secret after all... Or maybe she was someone really, really close to him. Commanders? Maids? Waitresses?... Officials perhaps? He could have used Blackmail on someone as well... Could be the reason why it might not be in any records.}}
{{I don't know, Shade. Flint's talking with Shadow about it now.}}

I nod and then look at Cynthia. "You seem more worried than I've seen you before. Is he really that bad off?"

{{I told you I'd help. Just need Alicia to finish getting dressed so I can leave the room.}}
{{Cayl, I didn't know that but that's good... But he's also a crafty liar... Lierth is. I bet Shadow's annoyed already with him... But what I want to know is what if there is someone closer to Lierth than his Maids or Commanders... As in, right hand man close.}}


I stop doing anything as the conversation continued... Just responding back. "What do you mean?"

{{Thank you... What's with most women and taking forever to get dressed?}
"I don't know, I'm perceiving it right now..."

{{Her armor is fairly advanced. She should be just about done.}}

{{Who knows Shade? I'm not the one to ask. I've a traitor's family to tell about their mother and wife.}}
{{Traitor? So you found the Lorian traitor... I almost feel sorry for her. Waiting for what type of death their family wants... Sad really. One thing that gets me is this, how did they convince a Lorian and four Poltergeists?}}


"Are you perceiving that after through this talk we are having... That I'm making it sound like as if he's better dieing..."

{{She is slow is all I have to say.}}
"I'm not really sure, Cynth. Give me a bit of time, and I'll probably figure it out." My stomach growls again and I grimace and smile at the same time. "I'm gonna go get some food. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help, alright?"

I chuckle. {{No comment.}} I poke my head out slightly. "Alicia, can I come out yet?"

{{She knew the risk when she turned. As for how, they bribed the Lorian and black mailed her, made her think they had her family.}}

Edit-Wherefore art thou, Warhawk?
i give a yawn "its Jack. Dante wanted me to help you whenever i could."
{{It's still going to be a shame for them... Her kids I guess losing a mother and a father losing a wife... Sad in its own little way.}}


"Yeah..." As I turn myself around and head back towards the safest confine of my room.

"Terance is already going to get them for me... And Alicia... Tell who what?"
{{I don't feel good telling them, but it has to be done.}}

I shake my head in amazement and head towards the cafeteria. That had gone much better than I thought it would.

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