Hots overheats my cpu?

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Is hots is overheating my CPU (Intel i7 3610qm)? I started having issues with my computer shutting down on the day hots released, and no mater what else I run, my laptop won't overheat if I'm not running hots. I'm talking Streaming multiple videos, webcam is on, 20 chrome tabs, you name it. What tells me its overheating is that its doing the whole heat safety deal where it won't turn back on for A few minutes. Is anyone else having this happen?
The old problem where on menu or cutscenes thate game tries to rener to many frames i happening again. I realized I was having af ew higher temps as well still acceptable but i have a a big desktop so a fraps FPS counter showed that on menus or the pre mission screens or cutscene conversations the game was rendering 211 frames per second that kind of stress can overheat a gpu. In a laptop that can quickly overheat a sytem, make sure you turn on V-Sync to limit he frame rate
I'll give the vsync a shot. It has been happening during gameplay though, not cutscenes. Watching my cpu temps, it only takes about 10 minutes for it to reach 100c(that's what it says anyway).
I checked it out. Turns out I was pushing over 200 fps during gameplay. Thanks man.
Omg thanks so much for this post. I was getting scared because my pc shutdown due to overheating cpu, and when i was checking temp in-game it could read 75c and stayed around 71, but after reading i started up fraps and saw that i too was getting 200-500 FPS, V-Sync Saved my life XD

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