Weird graphic issues

Technical Support
From the halfway point of Heart of the Swarm till the end I had this going on.

Lots of what is on screenshots + flickering of these graphic smears.

Windows 7
6GB of Ram
i5 @ 2.3 GHz
GTX 560m running driver 314.07

Thanks for the help.
Any help on this?
Graphic settings have no impact on this happening tried on a few different settings.
Did you change the shaders setting?

Could always try clearing the cache and restarting the computer.
Tried that didn't help.
Guessing this is a software issue then?
I had a similar issue with graphic smears, though it only occurred on a couple of missions.
Same here... :(
That somtimes shows up when GPU drivers aree out of date or you did not properly remove all GPU Drivers before updating.

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