Screen Stutter recently (not low fps)

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Me and a couple friends have been encountering this for the past couple weeks. It's not always present which is confusing. Basically the screen will freeze for no more then a half second and then resume perfect gameplay. I play on medium setting and my other buds play on high+. We've all tried dropping our settings and it hasn't worked. We've updated video cards (multiple brands) and reinstalled sc2. It is only present on multiplayer. I would like to point out that it isn't the frames dropping. We all have 60+ fps and it doesn't drop in big fights or anything like that. It just randomly stutters once and a while whilst playing multiplayer. Tried pretty much every different setting I could think of (vsync, shaders, etc) but no dice. Was wondering if anyone has the same issue or can point me to a thread that can help us out. I've searched the forums for solutions to no avail.
A number of people have mentioned experiencing this, including myself. It started happening to me toward the end of WoL actually.

Here's one thread on it.

Some of the things I've tried are there but it still happens on occasion. Everything freezes for a moment, half a second like you said, and then everything speeds up as though to catch up again.

Since posting in that thread I've released, renewed and flushed DNS. Instructions here:

It's improved for me. But like I said, still happens on occasion.
Ok thanks man. Will check it out.
I've tried godamn everything. Help ;_;

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