I'm having difficulty using reapers and mines

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Yeah, I think it's slightly funny too. How a lot of players are having so much difficulty countering the things. And I'm having issues making them viable for me.

The majority of games I attempt to use reapers and/or widow mines in my strategy. I end up losing because of literally someone A-moving me.

I've done damage in my harassment (killed drones, denied the first expand etc.) but the player will simply worker up and A-move me. Because my army has no sustenance. It's not meaty and made of MMM or something else. It's a un-upgraded marine marauder army with my tech coming or medivacs out. But it doesn't stand up to a large gateway force or roach army. Hell the most ironic one i lost to was muta bling. The very thing widow mines are unforgivably good against.

I'm finding my control is more than fine and I don't lose my units. But my macro suffers from the sheer APM required to do constant, efficient and safe harass.

Again, I can do damage, I have a decent opener. But once I get to my opponents main, it's like it's all downhill from there.

Any tips from Terran's who have had success with the new Reaper or Widow Mine?
Just keep practising :)
I just got matched up against a masters terran player... I stood no chance. I was Zerg. No wonder people are complaining. The unit that's supposed to work the best against mech as Zerg is absolutely owned by 2-3 widow mines.

How the hell does that work anyways. Mid plat vs master terran? Im on a losing streak too?
Haha, are you referring to the game you just played against me?


lmao. your one of like 5. but yeah.

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