More Cooldown Time for MV Afterburners

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After seeing a lot of arguably abusive afterburner shinanigans from terran, especially that ridic cat and mouse grief-fest between Goswer and Bomber the other day, my spider-sense is telling me Blizz may try to remove the ability completely so I want to try to make a quick case for it.

I think Medivacs need an OCCASIONAL speed burst thats pressured to be saved ONLY for escape situations, namely for evacuating your expensive thors from a sticky situation since their racial tier 3 ground equivalents are so much more mobile.

That being said, I would just suggest that ignite afterburners would take a lot more energy, or have a considerably long cooldown time. Or something.

Thank you and goodnight.

Also a sweet animation for when it was used would be nice. If the exhaust changed colors or something.
Medivacs are like that to ensure use through out the game not just mid-game.
In TvT I have vikings on patrol along the drops paths, they either kill the medivac, or at least let me know it's coming.

I've adjusted and I don't have an issue with it anymore
Medivacs are like that to ensure use through out the game not just mid-game.

Because you know Protoss and Zerg are gonna build only against medivacs and only build corrupter and pheonix... tbh your argument is pretty dumb.. Bio needs medivacs and they are always viable for bio it's not like they stop healing after 14 minutes right?
Well the upgrade only last like 5 sec or so

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