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I don't know what the issue is and I don't know how I can fix this. What can I do?

I'm choosing America as my region but I'm still getting this area. There's no reason I would've installed any other region if I was given that choice.
Same issue here. Wasn't happening last night either.
Is the america server down or something? I cant play.
Neither can I.
Was on at 10 and nothing like this was happening than. But now getting the same issue
same :(
same here....
Yep, getting this as well as of today. Launcher says my game client is up to date, and what's funny is I CAN play on Europe even though I haven't been patching for that region, usually play on Americas.

Edit: I'm seeing there's 5 or so posts about the same thing in the other tech support forum, and I'm not able to log into WoW either. I can log into D3, however?
What version shows up for you at the login screen? This looks like it is happening to me as well. Looking into this.

EDIT: looks like this is something we're looking into.
Same issue... Version

Always play and patch americas, but getting same error as above.. It will let me log into Europe though :/. Off to the gym get this fixed before I get back :).
Yea. This is only affecting the North American region.
This should be resolved now.
I'm getting this error now for the first time today (4/2/2013).
I am also getting the same error on the American servers.

Game client version
The Americas server is on patch 2.0.7. Are you using an European client?
I switched regions to play on EU after patching for AM. I then restarted the client, it "updated" to the EU version (patch 2.0.6.) and now I cannot connect to AM despite the client thinking it is "up to date".

Repair tool and deleting ProgramData files did nothing, reinstalling now.
We're looking into these issues, but they should be fixed soon. This seems to be relating to playing in the another region before patch, as the client is thinking you're from EU not AM.
I believe the patch may not go into effect until after you restart. I did log onto to AM after the patch was live, but switched to EU region without restarting the client. When I restarted the client after logging out of EU (but not logging onto AM), I had the issues.

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