Wings Of Liberty won't work, help !

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Whenever i start up wings of liberty, the normal startup patch screen comes up like usual, but then is replaced by a window asking for my Mac's administrator password. So i type it in, and that disappears, followed by this crescendoing horror-like starcraft noise. After that, a window pops up saying that there was a problem connecting to my blue tooth head set ( I have never owned a blue tooth headset.) and the only option is "Stop using bluetooth headset". clicking that leads to another window saying "Your installation of starcraft 2 must be optimized before you can play. This process takes 15-60 minutes and should not be canceled once it begins. Do you wish to proceed?" and the options are "Begin" or "Close launcher". Clicking "Begin" pops up another window that says "There is insufficient space on your hard drive. Please clear some space or select a different drive and try again. 15GB required"

This makes no sense. I used to be able to play Starcraft 2 and it has never asked for this optimization, nor has it ever needed 15 GB's !!!

I have a Mac book aluminum. not the pro.

can anybody help me here ?
You MUST have that much free space for optimize. there is no way around that. after optimize that space is no longer needed but it is needed as temp storage while the install will temporarily have duplicate files. You're going to have to find a way to clear some disk space.
Like the prompt says, the game occasionally does a self-optimization to help stuff work better. It's completely normal, but that's what it needs the extra space for. All you have to do is delete large files from your disk, maybe use an external drive for storage of any movies or music collections, that sort of thing.

It's really a good idea to keep that much free space on your drive anyway. Computers tend to slow down and become depressed when they feel cramped. I'm being silly about it, but it's really true.
Okay, thanks guys ! Haha, I'll work on deleting things. It's a pain because its not only my laptop, but rather 2 other people use it occasionally also, and its old, so thats sort of why there's so much stuff, i guess i didn't realize.

*Edit* - I just deleted a little more then 9,200 things, and i still only have 6 GB of free space :(
Try a utility like GrandPerspective (free), Disk Inventory X (free), or DaisyDisk (not free). They scan your disk and show you the largest files and the largest collections of files, so that should help.

And you and your two other people should seriously use external drives or flash drives for anything large that doesn’t absolutely need to be on the laptop at all times—SC2 of course being the exception. =)

I don’t know how big your HDD is, but I’ve heard a good rule of thumb is to keep at least 10% free. The more, the better; the OS uses it for defragmenting and optimizing and maintenance and technical stuff.
@Frungi Alright i'll try one of those, thanks so much ! Thats exactly what i needed answered.

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