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Regions and Patching
Our patches are sent out at different times for different regions. The time your client will update is determined by the region of the installer you used, for example, EU clients will patch on the EU patching schedule, and the same occurs for other regions.

If your client has patched ahead of other regions, you will be unable to play on unpatched regions until they have been fully updated and the client may continually attempt to patch. A workaround for this is to uninstall the game, then download and install the version of StarCraft II which matches the region you wish to play on.

If you have logged into the US servers during or after the US maintenance, your client will have patched.

This means that your game version is now ahead of the EU versions, which is why you may experience issues logging back into the EU version until it too is patched, which will be later tonight.
Monday - Friday, 8 am - 5 pm PST
Any news on looping issue?
Is this why my installer is stuck on 1.3 % for like 10 minutes ?
My game always restart. Cannot acces to connect the game is restarting and return me at the laucher ..
Same here! Help!!
Im stuck @ 3.1% and it's driving me nuts it wont budge and its been a hour ive tried restarting , re installing everything
The problem obviously is that 2.0.6 is needed to play in all regions. At least here in Europe the game just patches to 2.0.5 :-(

Most likely a CDN problem.
It's funny how its been a day later and I still cannot log into US server. Soo whats the problem? lol

I mean it did say the patch was only gonna take an hour like 15 hrs sgo.
Still receiving the "region error" message that informs that I'm unable to play unless I select the region from which I DL'd the client from. However, I am using the same region I DL'd my client from.
Same here Boogie
I've never connected to a region other than my default (aside from briefly when trying to do a workaround for this problem), but it's saying "Game client version mismatch with selected region". What's the problem? My version is listed as, and being in Canada be default region is Americas.
I'm getting the same error as Boogie, never changed my region, but when I logged on today it gave me the 'region error' message.
I'm in the same region as I've always been (Americas), it patched earlier on, and it still won't let me in.
same issue played all of yesterday with my buddies now i go to log in and i get some region patch issue and cant go further. I'm in Canada and I havnt touched my region settings since ..well ever so any info on how to fix this would be appreciated.
same here
Same issue as above. Region client mismatch error.
Same issue as the above several posts. Was playing fine this morning, only a few hours ago. But now I'm getting that region patch message and can't get into the game.
And me.

If all this stuff needs to be downloaded, what was on the disc I bought?
Usually always play in America region and am getting "region error". It was working fine after yesterdays maintenance. However when I change region to other, I can log on and play.
American servers are down perhaps? Same issue for me.

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