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same here, getting the regional error message and its driving me nuts.
Same issue on my end, I've never changed my region setting before. When I got the error, I switched to Europe and could load just fine, but had trouble finding a game. Just want to enjoy on my day off!
Every other region works for me except Americas. D: ????? I WANNA PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Let me join in the chorus of "me too." I can log in under Europe but can't access any of my campaign save files when I do that and I just wanna finish the campaign!
Have the same issue. Oh well....time to watch One Piece until it decides to stop being lame.
Same issue as Boogie and Dalarsco.

I was playing fine this morning, but now, can't get in. Any updates from Bliz?
same issue, and never changed my region :s
I'm assuming they are down for maintenance, no posting or alert though which seems to point to a bug. I'm having the same issue, wrong region even though no change has occurred since playing yesterday.
Did I really pay $80 for a game that I'm NOT going to be able to play? Come on's not like this is your first rodeo.
So, reading the error again, it seems to tell us straight up "hey, your server isn't updated yet," but does so in a very confusing way that leads me to believe some how I've broken something.

It does say "your region may not yet be updated, and you will have to wait..." but the part about changing region to last updated region, along with a big fat "Error" staring me in my face and the lack of information about this update (save a message about updating servers from 5am-7am PST I saw late last night, but is no longer there) taking longer or causing log in errors is somewhat frustrating.
Why wont it let me play in my region offline or online? it let me play in Europe but im starting fresh ...... some1 link a fix to this problem
I am currently using patch and the only server that i seem unable to connect to is the U.S. server. I have never played on any other server than this one so i am not sure what the problem is.
Same here... It bugged while I was playing campaign... now... my campaign history is not available in other regions... no playing for me :(...
<===== DHAKA MAD
Can't log in only played on America sever.
same issue as everyone what happened between yesterday and today...grr
Same here North America
region error
Welcome to the world of Blizzard. Now I remember one of the reasons I stopped playing WoW.
I normally play in Americas, but I am having the mismatch error message, when I have only played in the US. Guess I will register in the region of Europe and play, while this problem gets fixed :\...

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