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So it seems only North America is down...fricking great.
Well good to see it wasn't just me, Having the same issue.

I was playing fine last night and then this morning No dice.
Come on blizzard get it together.
Client version mismatch. Can log into every region except the one I play in. Looks like this was an issue during beta... don't think they got the root cause correctly. I do have to say after experiencing the Diablo 3 server debacle, this is bringing back memories
not our fault we got updates first....maybe they should do updates for every region at the same time lol...just athought...cause this sucks i got beer, BUT NO STARCRAFT
WTB actual offline version of game (game that plays even when the internet is down).
Same as everyone else, Just want to play.. oh well.

And I agree With Zar, I should be able to play this without internet, it's !@#$ing Dumb that I can't.
Wooo america! but for real...this sux...add my name to the long list of northamericancant!@#$inglogoners
ok so I have a simple question when is my !@#$ going to work?
Same issue as those above, never logged in any region but Americas. Gives me the region error.
and why can't we play offline again?
Yep same issue as others. Why would you make me update from the EU servers when I don't even have an EU account.
Same here, i play in NA but now i can't log in.
Having the same issue as the rest of you. It worked perfectly fine for me this morning but once I quit I can't log back in. Any news on if this is being fixed?
Also having this issue
Geez just fix the prob blizz
I am SO SICK of Blizzard pulling this !@#$ with every game. We paid for our game, now is our free time let us %^-*ing play i am soooooooo pissed with this ALWAYS ALWAYS happens come one Blizzard this is not youre first game........... AND certainly not the first PROBLEM.

Fix this, and at LEAST keep us informed !!!!!!
I returned SimCity to get this game today, will any game work for me or am I just cursed lol?
Saw this over on the comments of the patch notes article for HotS:

"Pikachu - 2 minutes ago

Via @Starcraft's Twitter for all us American players:
"We are aware that there is an issue facing login for North America. We are working on a fix. Thanks for your patience."

Still no timeline yet..."
Americas user here, never changed zones, getting the region error as well cannot login.
SO nice they inform people on Twitter instead of here on the forums where people are looking.

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