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Finally able to play! Wahoo!
I still can't, =(
Server's up, whoo! ^.^
This is nonsense. I haven't even bought HotS yet, and I can't log in and play the campaign of WoL which I've owned for ~3 years. I've never had an issue with WoL until these updates for HotS came out. I DON'T WANT TO ALWAYS BE ONLINE JUST TO PLAY YOUR F$%*#@& GAME. I would think that selling a game that doesn't fully work would hurt your company's bottom line more than a few people pirating your games.

This is bull!@#$. I just purchased Hots and right after i give Blizzard my money i immediately cant play the game because of this mismatch error. Blizzard you have under staffed and over sold your product. THIS IS NOT THE BLIZZARD IT USED TO BE. I remember when you could install spawn copies, now i cant even play the game i bought because of this Anti pirate DRM always online crap. Way to waste my forty dollars today. There are multiple threads on this issue affecting the Hots beta and Blizzard went ahead and released the game anyways. Such a poorly mismanaged company Blizzard has become.

Im not even trying to go online, im just trying to play single player. THIS IS WHY YOUR SYSTEM SUCKS BLIZZARD, IM LIVING IT RIGHT NOW. Im pulling my stock out.
Fixed for me as well.
That said, really, not being able to even only continue to my campaign save when the server rejects me is madness.
Shouldn't happen in a single player mode, that s the kind of thing that makes people legitimize recourse to cracked versions.
thanks for the fix Blizz, campaign complete

I just bought the digital game today and after patching it i couldnt login because the button icon 'Connect' is greyed out! And yes, i was able to play WoL normally yesterday.. Anyone having the same problem? Help, fixes?
hey guys been trying to download for days now and i have had no luck. these is the problem. i put in the disk to download it it downloads fine then goes to a update screen then says it updating patch 1 of 24 gets to a 100% the it goes to a new screen that says updating blizzard update agent that ether crashes or finishes then it goes to bring up the game which is a star craft 2 beta screen which is odd. then is says you failed to download the newest patch. i have run out of ideas on what to do someone plz help i payed fro these game 2 weeks ago and havint been able to play it once

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