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I am getting the nvlddmkm.sys blue screen of death within about a minute of playing and I have tried so many things to fix it:

1) removed and updated dozens of new, old, beta and non-beta drivers
2) Updated mobo drivers
3) Tried using my old GeForce 480 video card (I currently am running a 580)
4) Re-installed Windows
4) Re-installed SC2
5) ran spyware, adware, spybot, clean-kitchen-sink-ware

and still nothing. Can anyone help a brother out? My system is brand new, and I could run WOL fine until about 3 weeks ago.
Nvidia cards are currently having issues.

You can try messing with some of the graphics settings. Turn off v-sync, antialiasing, change the screen refresh rate.

Somehow I'm not crashing anymore. Not sure what did it but a lot of nvidia people are having issues.
Thanks for the reply - good to know I'm not alone! I'll keep at it.
I know nvidia is working on new drivers so maybe once that's out it'll help.
It looks like they just released a new Beta today. I already tried it...and nope. I've waited for this game for almost 3 years, what's a few more days right? :)
So I had been having this problem... nvlddmkm.sys kept crashing (checked with whocrashed) and I couldn't figure out why. Got black screen of death, but only in multiplayer.

Solution was really simple. This probably doesn't help you since your system is new but it might help someone else-- the fan on my graphics card just needed to be cleaned, it had a bunch of dust. that simple.

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