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Enjoying the expansion so far, but I'm having some really noticeable issues with FPS drops. It's much worse during the campaign, but in multi while fighting lots of Zerg, it starts to chug even with the settings turned down to medium. I'm playing on this rig:

Intel i5-3750K @3.6
nVidia GTX 680 (This is overkill, but I intend to OC my CPU further when I can afford a new cooler)

I get drops regardless of what settings I change, but it does improve when the settings are turned down. Still, I can't think of any reason why I'm not getting a completely stable 60FPS, even on Ultra. My game is running in Borderless Full-Screen Windowed mode, 1920x1080. Running it in Fullscreen gives me a constant microstutter as well, so I'm not really sure if that would be any better.

Anybody have an idea?
same problem at here.
is it all the time or only in engages?
Cause for me it is only in engages.
Yup! Only when the action is really heavy in multi, but it's pretty constant in the campaign what with the heavier ambient effects.
Everyone is having this issue. yet blizzard says the problem is with our computers. I'm lucky to get 12 FPS when there is barely any action going on. During a battle however, my FPS is constantly sub 10, usually around 5 or 4.

In fact my last game I just watched my FPS slowly drop to 0 and got kicked from the game
Good to know it isn't just me then. Hopefully the next patch or some new drivers will help.
I doubt it. Nothing from blizzard has given me the idea that they think anything is wrong on their end, despite a "low FPS" thread popping up every other hour Its all "update your drivers" or "play with the graphics"
ahh good to know that other got the same problem, like cason said, blizzard told me its my computer and they dont have problems with their servers
Well I know nvidia cards are having issues across the board.

Might just have to wait for drivers from them.
Probably. My driver is up to date, but it hasn't made a difference
my nvidia is up to date too.
Maybe it help if we play on lowest graphic, hmm i will try now.
I also don't want to play the game looking like Brood War. my computer is not this bad.
I too am having this problem. I use a GTX 650 Ti, and I was able to play WOL on ultra with no problems whatsoever. Now in heart of the swarm I am barely able to play on medium, let alone high or ultra.
I have same problem both in OSX and win7, even i changed to low.
I think 2.0.6 patch caused it for it's happened just after last upgraded.
I reverted my Drivers back to 306.97 and got a little FPS gain as well as Reinstalling SC2.

It's still crazy crappy going from High/Ultra to Low/Medium with less FPS ><
Something is wrong for sure, and its not my rig.

i5-2500k @ 4.2GHz
4GB 1866 CL8
7950 crossfire
win7 64 on 128GB SSD
SC2 on 2nd 128GB SSD

In the last 2-3 weeks I've been playing a lot of WoL campaign and having the fps drop as low as 15, and routinely hover in the 30s and 40s accodding to FRAPS. It feels and looks laggy which is why I've been watching the fps closely.

And its not only battles, it happens at the start of levels when there's very few units, and just looking at a background building can make the fps drop. It wasn't like this before.

It happens with crossfire enabled AND with crossfire disabled. I've tried AMD's 13.2 and 13.3 drivers, no difference. I use all highest settings @1080p and it makes no difference if v-sync is on or off I checked.

And nothing has changed on my rig for ages, I have windows update turned off .I hardly have anything running in the background, its a pure gaming rig with a fresh win7 64 install last December.

My other games work the same as they always did, the only thing that has changed is whatever patches/updates SC2 does at startup.

I haven't tried HoTS yet but I got it on release day, still playing WoL. And I don't play online so I can't comment on that.

Come on BLIZZARD get this great game working again.
I have gone from a smooth 60fps down to 21 fps since the new updates. My game is completely broken. Had to uninstall and abandon this game. Surely there must be a case for a refund :(
Tip: Tell us what Graphical level you are playing on.

Tip2: Don't play on ULTRA. ULTRA is like having a Lamborghini or Ferrari cars as computers... No one builds PCs to those Specs, we build something similar to the Corvette... The basic Coupe Model. >.< (in summary, Play on High or Medium, there is Little Graphical difference in game).

Stable FPS issue: Ever hear of the term "When **** hits the fan"? The Game Engine's complexity got upgraded. Which is why the Shaders are melting people PCs. So, 60Fps when no battles or anything is going on is normal, but when fighting starts, the game is not only going through 200+ Animations for Combat, but Particles, PhysX, Movement, Damage Calculations, User Input, etc. So, yes battles will slow down the game. They'll optimize it more and more down the line, just stop cranking your PCs to Max settings thinking you have some Uber-Leet-BBQ-Sauce PC.
If you are one of those that has FPS issues even with everything set as a low as possible, you can ignore me here. I'm just speaking to the issue of "my rig should be able to run Extreme with no problem but I get low FPS's"

I found that my fps issues are due to the "Shaders" option only. Starting on Extreme and turning "Shaders" down to High upped my FPS's from ~17-22 to ~70-76. Note that when you set your "Shaders" to High, 1) "Post-Processing" automatically limits itself to Medium, and 2) "Indirect Shadows" automatically limits itself to "Off"... so you have to sacrifice those. But I agree with Drac: the difference is negligible.

Continue reading for deeper investigation, if interested.

1) The "Indirect Shadows" only applies to campaign story sets (when characters interact with you between missions) and cut scenes (the prerendered short "movies"). It can also affect Arcade games if they use these. But since multiplayer/custom games don't use either, it will have no effect if you turn it off in those game types.

2) Because 3 settings change when "Shaders" is set to High, I wanted to narrow down which of the 3 is causing my FPS issues. So here's what I did:

- Built up a maxed out protoss army of varied units with a full mothership (the cloaking of the mothership kills my FPS).
- Set the "Graphics Quality" to Extreme. This maxes out all the settings.
- Lowered "Shaders" to High. And of course the other two setting lowered automatically.
- Set "Shaders" back to Ultra but left the other 2 settings as they were (IS=Off, PP=Meduim)
- Return to game
RESULT: Poor FPS. So it has to be the "Shaders" that is killing me.

My conclusion is that the "Shaders" is probably the most processing intensive feature. So I recommend that players with computers that they believe "should" run on Extreme, start on Extream, and sequentially lower their "Shaders" setting to see if that helps.
this was just a thread that was 18 pages long blizzard finally locked it with a very empty response as we new they would. keep it alive cuz im tired of this problem a hole lot of people are and they need move there !@# and fix it.....your response to that thread was bull$%^-t and you had better come up with something better when lock this thread *!@ holes
How about no. How about helping them out like they asked.

Empty response? Come up with something better?

They asked you and everyone else to post your specs in the Bug forum so that they can collect as much information as possible to help work out the the cause of the problems. Has it occured to you that they don't have a solution yet and they need the help of those having the issues in order to...

move there !@# and fix it

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