Freeze/Crash in Campaign after Os X 10.8.3

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I'm playing Hots on my late 2012 27inch iMac.

Every time I save in the middle of a Campaign mission and then reload my saved game, the game freezes on the loading screen right after it starts to stream data. Sometimes the game shuts down completely. After re-logging in, I am able to load into my saved game, but the problem reappears if I save again and load.

It's actually fine if I play through the mission in one take. The system will load into the next mission/cut-scene normally.

I tried everything from deleting cache to file permissions to the repairing tool, except a full re-installation. I think this starts to happen much more frequently after I upgraded to OSX 10.8.3 last weekend. I'd appreciate if someone looks into that issue. Thanks.

PS: The wifi connection in my room is not superb and I have 200+ saved games in the campaign. I don't know whether either would contribute to the problem.
The exact same thing has happened to me. I occasionally crash when i reload the last checkpoint game.
When this crashes, does it create a crash error report ID? We'll need this number to look up your crash logs.

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