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So I have a budget of (approximately) $1500-$3000, and was wondering what I could get that can play SC2 on Extreme at 1920x1080 with 30fps or higher (60 or higher would be nice but isn't necessary). Also, Intel processors and AMD graphics cards are preferred. AMD APU are usable, but I would still prefer Intel.
You should be able to do it for less than $1000

CPU to get, i5-3570K which is ~$200
Video Card, AMD 7850 2gb ~$200
8gb DDR3 RAM ~$50
Motherboard, you have a brand preference? price ranges from $80-$200

So that as your main components is about $600

Plan to overclock?
Have a Microcenter nearby?
Don't have a preference on motherboard brand. Overclocking would be a little overkill, considering it would need an upgrade to the cooling system. The budget includes monitor, speakers, and keyboard, because I already have Razer Ouroboros mouse.
See this post, I thought he put up a decent build:

Just change the video card to an AMD 7850 2GB, this one is $180 AR:

That's all you really need for Starcraft 2. Let us know if you plan to play other games or do other things like streaming, video editing, encoding (well if thats the case just get an Intel i7 3770 cpu).

Also see this for StarCraft II Benchmarks with AMD graphic cards, you may find its worth getting the 7870 2GB since your budget is high anyway:,3148-14.html
Thanks for the help! I really appreciate it! Diablo 3 is also on my list of games to play. Fallout New Vegas is gonna be on that list soon.
The RAM listed on that topic is apparently discontinued. Is there an alternative that would also work?
Blizzard games are easy to play so not worried about that. Current FPS games in general, you'll probably get 55-65fps on high settings for 1920x1080 resolution.

See BF3 benchmark, 7850 vs 7870, you'll get 10fps difference, cost $50 difference:,3148-6.html

The RAM listed on that post I see as available:
Awesome! I'll just get the 7870. It'll probably stay more useful in the long run anyway. The only things concerning me now are monitors, speakers, etc. Generic but required miscellaneous stuff. Probably gonna try for multiple monitors if I can.
Wow just looked up your mouse since i never heard of it. $160! How are you liking it?

You may want to get a gaming headset too. Planning to get a mechanical keyboard?

With your budget might as well go eyefinity with monitors
If you are wanting a computer for around $1500 get this. Got the 2500k and the 110i for you to overclock because starcraft is very cpu intensive so if you overclock this processor you will notice a great improvement. A 1080p monitor is about 250, keyboard and mouse 150, case 100, and thats all you need. price will be about $1700 for a complete system.
OP didn't seem interested in overclocking. If so I think he should get the newer Ivy Bridge i5-3570k processor (uses less power, PCIe 3.0 support, etc). I would recommend him doing at least a mild overclock, but it would be overkill for Blizzard games anyway, good for the long run when games get more intense later..

Also forgot to include a SSD, but yeah definitely get one as your primary boot drive. OS and games will load quicker, but it wont necessarily raise fps.
SSD would be nice. Any recommendations on brand? Size would be preferably be 64GB or more. Right now I'm planning on the setup from the first linked thread. Already have a monitor picked. Some speakers (preferably 5.1 since I have a perfect room design for any sort of surround sound) would be appreciated too.
You would notice a difference with an overclock in starcraft 2 because its not really multithreaded. Overclocking is so easy to do anyways. For ssd i would go samsung 840.
Check this out for CPU performance differences between stock and overclocking:

With your budget you should get at least a 120gb SSD if you plan to run games off it with your OS. I have Win8 and could only fit 4 games on my Intel 80gb SSD.

What monitor are you getting?

Speakers, don't know the current market. I have the Logitech Z-5500 5.1 system but got that 10 years ago. For computer speakers they are good, can get pretty loud but I live in a condo so can't really bump it up.
By the way! The mouse is great! The only problem with it is that Razer Synapse (which is required to get the drivers for it) slows startup a lot. Synapse CAN be uninstalled (for other people having issues with it) and the mouse will still work, but you have to reinstall to change settings on the mouse.

The monitor I decided on is the ViewSonic TD2420. It looks good and it has touch features, which will be nice for Windows 8.

Logitech X-540 5.1 is the speaker system I'm looking at.
Ahh don't know much about touchscreens.

I know you originally prefer AMD video cards, but I came across this link and thought should let you know:

The Nvidia GTX 660 is the same price as the 7870, but is significantly faster (20 more fps).

When your done picking your parts, use to show us, if you'd like us to take a final look.
I cant add to the conversation but want to ask a question. I have a Laptop with a i7-3630qm, HD7870M graphics, 16 gig ram, 1080 120 hz monitor. why does sc2 recommend a default graphics mode of Medium for me? I updated my drivers and the only different from a normal load of the game is I put it on my 2nd harddrive (D:) instead of C:
Freddo, Mobile graphics cards are known to have far lower performance than their desktop counterparts. A game sees a mobile card, and lowers the settings. Change the settings yourself if you don't like them, but make sure you have (at least) 30 fps (because that's what SC2 requires to function optimally.)
Freddo.. Yeah, Starcraft is known to underrate the capable performance in default mode.

Pokekid, did you put together your system yet?
Thanks for the responses guys, sorry I did not thank You sooner I was not on line.

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