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So I was playing a 1v1 matchmaking game this morning and for reason, the SCV voice kept repeating over and over again. Luckily, it was early in the game (1st 5 minutes). I wasn't even pressing or clicking on SCVs and the voice just kept going. It disappeared after awhile maybe 1-2 mins but it was annoying as hell. Any ideas why this happened? Btw, I was playing in EU server.

Have you tried to repair your game to see if this wasn't due to some sort of corruption?
Hello. Sorry for the late reply. I ran the repair but it came back. The SCVs kept talking without selecting it. This same issue happened when a banshee is selected. The game is functioning though and there are no drops in FPS while I'm playing.
Thanks for the information.

Are you able to try deleting the Cache folder to see if this helps in anyway? I'll try to see what else I can come up with.
A quick temporary fix is to not be BM and waste your pauses. This happened to me a couple of times last night. I requested a pause, paused the game, waited 5 seconds, unpaused it, and it stopped the sound loop. Blizzard needs to address this, but that's some first aid in the meanwhile.

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