Log in screen crashes back to launcher

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The launcher comes up fine, but when I click play. It loads normally but as soon as the log in screen shows up. The game crashes back to the launcher. Is this a known issue? It just started happening after the maintinence.

EDIT: After reinstalling I was able to log in.
same for me just now
same issue for me as well , repair game does not fix this
just started having this issue a few minutes ago
samesies. at least its not just me. i was freaking out for a bit
Same.... I'm thinking the client needs a connection to the NA servers? I know they went down for an hour. I hope this particular issue will be fixed when they are back up.
same for me too
happens right when NA servers are supposed to be coming up ^^
same for me. swapped regions to KO played on em for like half an hour, swapped back to NA and the game crashed and it keeps crashing, cant swap regions, i kno blizz will fix it but it helps others to kno its not just them.
Having the same issue ¬¬¡

I just had like this time to play, thanks again blizzard, thanks again
Same its only for the NA region but now it just crashes on startup.
Same. Achievements went offline so I tried to change server to US in hope it was just Aus down.. Now I am stuck. This should have been worked out in the beta.. I guess no one tested the region free..
Same its only for the NA region but now it just crashes on startup.

Having the same issue here. Tried ending processes and restarting and such, no luck.
yup gg blizzard
im getting the same thing
There about to release a update!

Just hold on!!
you kids need to calm down. im actually surprised at how smoothly the launch of HotS is going if any of you played ANY other blizz game on release day / week -_-, you'd know this is overall pretty good.
now i cant even play anymore T_T

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