Log in screen crashes back to launcher

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The launcher comes up fine, but when I click play. It loads normally but as soon as the log in screen shows up. The game crashes back to the launcher. Is this a known issue? It just started happening after the maintinence.

EDIT: After reinstalling I was able to log in.

I've had something similar happen. On occasion, the launcher will say something like "there was a problem opening StarCraft" after I click play. It's usually fixed if I reboot the computer, but sometimes it just does it randomly. When it happens, I can't get the editor to open either. It's like the StarCraft programs stop working altogether. It doesn't do it all the time, but it's been happening since I downloaded the HotS beta client back in December. I wonder if it's related.
same for me guys same for me!!
I redownloaded the game played for a bit got off and when I tried to play again it crashed after pressing play at the launcher.
fix the problem please !
Submitted a ticket and the issue has been fixed. If you have the program Virtu MVP installed on your computer, uninstall it.
uninstall. redownload from ur bnet account. reinstall. that worked for me...

After playing well for days (though long load times...), the client started crashing to desktop this afternoon for me, too, with a wicked static scream. After the black screen, completely crashes my system. Good times.

I'll check back for updates.

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