Log in screen crashes back to launcher

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Didn't see anyone post this. There's a similar if not same problem for EU members.


Please note, if you have logged into the US servers during or after the US maintenance, your client will have patched.

This means that your game version is now ahead of the EU versions, which is why you may experience issues logging back into the EU version until it too is patched, which will be later tonight.

Please see here for more details:

thank you for telling me, i m an eu player
can we get a blue to just say they're working on it -.-
13.6 GB remaining.
Blue post - http://eu.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/6636293825#5

Regions and Patching
Our patches are sent out at different times for different regions. The time your client will update is determined by the region of the installer you used, for example, EU clients will patch on the EU patching schedule, and the same occurs for other regions.

If your client has patched ahead of other regions, you will be unable to play on unpatched regions until they have been fully updated and the client may continually attempt to patch. A workaround for this is to uninstall the game, then download and install the version of StarCraft II which matches the region you wish to play on.
Same problem... i didnt play the game yet because of this bug. Thx blizzard for the "online experience"
wtf i have to uninstall my game or wait hours for EU to patch?

same here, i can play on eu but not on NA seems like the last patch wasnt downloaded yet!!!

lol i just installed the game a few hours ago, played the 1st mission, and now i need to reinstall the game all over again

nice work blizzard!!!
Reinstall worked for me.
If I re-install, CAN I PLAY ON NA? Please answer!
wtf i have to uninstall my game or wait hours for EU to patch?


Exactly my thoughts.

Way to go Blizzard. Release your region switch and tell us it's good to go, but make it so if we play on another one we might get absolutely !@#$ed and have to wait until that one updates, or reinstall the entire game.

So %^-*ing fail.
I have the same problem. It's frustrating that there's not even a 'we're looking into it' post.
yes, after reinstall I was able to log in
Reinstall worked for me (Americas server)
stupid if i have to reinstall i dont have cd!
@ halcyon - I wouldn't. I'm not sure exactly what the problem is, but it seems that you'll get the patch from NA region if you log in there but your EU launcher hasn't recieved their new patch yet, which mucks the game up.

Stay in EU until you recieve the new patch. Then all the versions should be the same.
Everyone, this worked for me (I was having the same issues):

copy and paste C:\ProgramData\Battle.net\Agent\agent.db into search under windows tab. right click on agent and go to properties. then go to "previous versions" and see if you have one from last night, as I did (probably won't work for people who have recently installed unfortunately). Then click restore. This seemed to let me finally patch properly. I then had to install a 53.5MB patch and can now log in. Hope this helps, especially people who don't want to reinstall.
I may have a Hypothesis, seems patch 2.0.6 is live, yet when loading the game and before it loops back into launcher, it says 2.0.5

I wonder if manually updating would help? is manual updating still valid?
Can't believe ppl just redownload the whole 15gb+ worth of client.

Step 1: Make regions.xml (Go find it. Or make your own)
Step 2: Put it at your SC2 folder (where there is starcraft II.exe)
Step 3: Disable Local Area Network (Or whatever LAN/Wifi adaptors you are using to connect to internet)
Step 4: Get into SC2, click cancel for 'Connecting Streaming Server'
Step 5: Don't log into Offline mode. Just switch region to Europe
Step 6: Reenable your Local Area Network that is connected to your interwebs
Step 7: Connectoin



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chill the F out

Give me 50 buck for a game I will let you play for about 12 hours. See if you remain happy. I think you need to go away from the computer before you hurt your self again

I just re-installed. I know that worked. Till I changed from Aus to US. Hopefuly this will fix it. I beting on 13+ hours before a blue even stats they are working o

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first time experiencing a maintenance?

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