How do you do a Reaper rush?

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48:30 - 1:00:57 TvZ
1:16:35 - 1:33:59 TvZ against Nasreth (common forum poster) TvP (I go all in this game) TvT TvP

Only watched those replays on the twitch feed so far and man, interesting stuff but odd. I know I play on a whole different (lower) level but I've never seen Zerg mass lings that way. Most Zerg I fight go nearly all Roaches, which I have hard time defending because I never seem to have enough Marauders and I can't manufacture Banshees quick enough. For that matter I can't imagine winning by massing only marines, or marine and widow mine. My micro isn't that good I guess. Why didn't either of those Zerg players mass roaches, seems that would have cleaned up your marines, maybe I'm wrong. Or why not even Swarm Hosts, marines don't seem too good against those either, though, well you could have just dropped on them I guess, so nvm. Why not Roaches though?

Well, I'll keep learning but watching that makes it abundantly clear I'll never make Diamond :) I'd like to at least get Gold though, or top 8 in Silver. I definitely also play way too passively. Not nearly aggressive enough.
Siege tanks are good agaisn't roaches.
In team game.

10 SD
13 Refinery x 2
14 Rax
15 SD
16 Rax
18 SD
Reactor on rax on completition.
When you have 6 reapers, queue 4 more, then 4 more.
Move to the sweet spot.
Wait for 10 reapers, queue 4 mores, attack
This is three years past, but here's my two cents against Zerg.
I do my practicing against the computer AI on elite allowing it cheats. So this way I can work out my basic strategy, and if it works, then I can apply it against humans and adapt as I go. But here's the basics for my reaper rush.
Build order: SD, barracks and refinery, bunker (wall off). While bunker is built, make a reaper. Send him out immediately to scout.
Against Zerg, if Zerg has not started an early expansion for an aggressive attack, forget the reaper rush. No early Zerg expansion means a Zerg full rush is coming, and no Terran rush will out pace a Zerg rush.
If Zerg has started an expansion, then their defenses will be weak early game, so your reaper rush will be effective. Start microing your reaper to attack as many workers at expansion as you can. Get a second reaper up in the rush asap and DO NOT STOP REAPER PRODUCTION. keep up the rush till mid game.
Back at base, get a second refinery while bunker is building. Upgrade command center to Orbital Command, and upgrade your SD. Get a factory up next. Make widow mines. After you've made about three or four reapers, expand barracks to make two reapers at a time.
In the attack, the goal is to shut down that expansion. Get your macro micro down so you get your builds up and your units made, and quickly flip back and forth to your reaper push. For macro, scan through your hot keys for quick maintenance and build- just 2-3 seconds at a time. Spend 90% of your time working those reapers.
A few widow mines are key to keeping expansion shut down, and a few extras to support your reapers and help seal in the main are great. My goal in first ten minutes is to destroy that expansion with the reapers, along with any attack units, like the few zerglings and roaches the Zerg can afford.
My priority targets are the drones, obviously. At least one queen will come at you, but 3-4 reapers can pick her off easy, especially with nearby cliffs to escape to. Protect your reapers. If one gets in the orange, hold him back and push with the others till he heals.
By about 10 minutes in, if not sooner, the Zerg main will be making roaches, and you will need tanks to handle them. I have a second factory with tech lab built before 10 minutes, and my goal is to have first tank out before 11 minutes. Two factories: one making tanks, the other expanded to double widow mine production.
Now you're in mid game. Choose your poison to push in. I use the tanks to hit the exit of the Zerg main, and protect them with reapers (8-12 at this point). Here I switch from reaper to marine production, while I continue with tanks until I have about 6. Line up your marines/reapers in front of your tanks to take the hits. If you lose your tanks, you lose all advantage. Also make one star port to make Vikings to hit observers. By 20 minutes, the Zerg will have exhausted most of their resources, and then I push in and wipe them out with marines and tanks.
So reapers make this possible. Reapers punish an early expansion horribly. But if your opponent is going in for a rush, save your resources for an initial defense.
The answer is you don't.

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