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I just got back into sc2 a few weeks ago. I also have been getting this issue ever since the most recently patch. It only happens in sc2. All my other games doesn't get the quick dc/reconnect.
My sc2 was working perfectly fine in Toronto Canada, until I moved to NY for College.
I talked to my new ISP Time Warner and they are convinced it's not their problem, they even sent a technician to my place and they said it's not their problem.
The problem is when I start a new game the Waiting for Server screen popups up within the first 10 seconds, and subsequently lags out.

Can somebody please help me?

BTW everything else works fine, I can watch videos, streams, check email, play live online chess, etc.

Looking forward to some help!
Same thing is happening here, except it's during ladder games. I'll start to drop and it gives me the old lost connection spiel and then I'm out of the game. While it's happening I minimized the game, loaded up my browser, and successfully loaded several sites. This should be enough to confirm that it isn't on my end.

I noticed that there hasn't been a Blizzard representative here to address this issue since March and I think we deserve some kind of solution, or at least an explanation, considering we all payed for your product.
Getting the same problem as Razor, and I don't have any problems with other online games..
Same problem as others have talked about. I see it most when I'm queuing for a game, and it d/c frequently, and instantly reconnects.

The suggested tracert was unreachable for both SC2 servers, but I'm entering games; are those the correct IPs to ping?

It's frustrating to queue up only to tab back in later and see I'm not looking for games.
I like how bnet is not responding and ignoring all of us
Just updated my wireless card driver. Now I am getting this problem. Has this seriously not been solved yet?

edit: Im on PC though, not mac, google brought me here
Just updated my wireless card driver. Now I am getting this problem. Has this seriously not been solved yet?

edit: Im on PC though, not mac, google brought me here

u must have a mac virus
Happening to me too on PC
Well that explains why there isn't as many people online as usual. I just came back after 2 years and upgraded. Played fine for 3 hours then this started happening.
same here on PC, keep disconnecting, cannot finish a single game! wth is going on
Add me to the list.

It's frustrating because when I am disconnected, the HotKeys in-game changes back to standard rather than to the HotKeys (grid-type hotkeys) I am using. This affects seriously my game play during the game because I would think that I issue commands via my HotKeys (grid-type hotkeys), but I am actually issuing commands via standard HotKeys i.e. I order to attack, I press T on keyboard. But then none of my troops are attacking no matter how many times I press T on the keyboard and click on the map. Then I realize it is because I was disconnected that I must now attack by pressing A on keyboard. Waste of time and could cost me the game when my concentration depends on it, because I would have to go Menu > HotKeys and then Manually select Grid HotKeys while in Real Time.
lol i've looked through like 12 diferent forumns on this, i have this problem. and battle net has literally ignored 99% of them. This is histerical, is it because you guys already have our money so you don't really care?
same here. took 2 year break and never had problem back then. now every 3 to 4 minutes disconnect and reconnect issues
Having the exact same problem. Why are they ignoring this thread? I can't play even vs. AI without getting booted, and mine disconnects and reconnects on almost 120 second intervals. I just installed the game again and it's really annoying having to play vs AI offline. If ten of us are having this problem, then I'm sure hundreds are.

(realized this is a MAC thread, but it's happening on my Samsung. Oh well google brought me here.)
I've been unable to play games online due to the constant disconnects lately, I'm lucky just to get into a game without being disconnected and sent back to the login screen. My connection is fine. Watching streams and netflix, can play other games online, only issue is sc2... sigh.. sc2, my love, why you hurt me so good?
Same problem here. Warcraft is currently working, but no multi-player StarCraft arcade games.
Same problem.
It was working fine for me the last month or so.
Running SC2 on an Asus N550JV-CN270H

Interl Core i7 processor
3.8Mbit/s internet speed.

I'm able to stream on High quality as well as download movies and such within couple of minutes. The campaign runs smoothly, even on high graphics qualit settings. Yet when I try whichever mode in Matchmaking, the game freezes every 5 seconds, tells me I'm disconnected from Battlenet and then rconnects for a brief moment until this process repeats itself over and over again.

Any solutions to this yet? Other programs and applications run fine. Just the matchmaking options fail.

Would be nice if Blizzard could respond to this thread after 2 years :)
I've been having this problem too, I bought Wings of Liberty back in January and it played fine for a while then after about two months it just kept disconnecting and reconnecting. It's still doing it and I've tried pretty much everything that's been suggested with no avail. I've always got a great signal strength for my router and I can play pretty much every other online game without it disconnecting. It would be great if Blizzard could give us some sort of solution for this, I really want to start playing this game and ranking but I cant due to it constantly disconnecting from the server.
Same problem, every time ... every time, Blizzard is done, check out the 'open game', it's like 5 or 4 open games. Players are keep disconnecting again and again. I can't believe that. This is hopeless.

Im thinking , if that is the better way for Blizzard to tell the truth that their severs are down.

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