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In HotS on my 15" retina, the listed resolutions are a bit bizzarre:


I would expect to at least see 1440x900 and 1920x1200 resolutions in there. All the resolution choices other than 2880x1800 (which is not particularly performant) do not look good as they do not jive with the native resolution.
They should be the same aspect ratio, as this new resolution change aligns with what is available in WoW/D3.
They all are about a 16:10 ratio, however, the (unavailable) 1440x900 in particular would look much much better than say 1442x888, since with 1440x900 each game pixel is two native pixels as opposed to 1442x888's 1 game pixel to ~1.98 native pixels. It's interesting that all the games render in the native display mode now, but that still doesn't change the fact that upscaling some of these resolutions is going to look funky.
I'll send that feedback up to the team. Thanks.
I have the same issue, on a classic macbook pro 2012, 1680x1050 native.
@SquidBean - Is there an issue or is it just the resolution change?
On 13" MBP Retina, there is no 1280x800 option, which would be exactly half the native res. Also seeing the same weird resolution list, where 2560x1600 is the native (but too slow for this hardware).

External monitors work as expected, reporting correct resolutions.
@Emily unless you are playing competitively, I suggest sticking to native resolution and get Cody's GFXCardStatus and set it to Discrete Only. Turn off anti-aliasing and you can basically set everything to High and Textures to Ultra and the game runs quite well.

If the game suddenly drops to under 10 FPS and stays that way even after a system reboot, do a SMC reset (search for it on Apple Support)

The game runs quite well at high settings and looks really pretty to me.

I am not sure whether the game has to do this but for the OS UI, if you run it at 1920 it actually has to render at 3840 then down samples it to 1920.

If you want speed then lower resolutions should pump up the FPS but you alluded to it not looking good which I took it as I want the game to look pretty. Basically can't have both on our machine.
@microcosm - 2560-by-1600 is the native resolution for that MBP you mentioned. What the new change is doing is that it will always use your native resolution/ratio aspect and generate 10 resolutions based on that.

You can select the closest to that desired resolution. I'll also send this up for feedback to our team for review. But for now, this is WAI.
Just to add, this issue (no true Retina Resolutions available) is also a problem in Wings of Liberty and not limited to HotS.
Retina 15" here. Upgraded from WoL, in which the retina resolutions/ratios were being detected fine.

When booting SC2 for the first time after upgrading to HoTS, I got an error alert next to the Options button (and a pulsing exclamation-mark icon) - something about the native resolutions not having been read properly. I wish I'd noted down the exact text as it hasn't appeared since. However, I suspect it indicates that this is an actual bug rather than a change in policy.
@Machkhan - Pretty much the only resolution we retina users want is "perfectly half rez", so we can play strictly-pixel-doubled without blurry pixels.

On 15" Retina MBP, native res is 2880x1800, so 1440x900 is by far the best option. This used to be available pre-HOTS, please add it back to the list. The current 1442x888 looks pretty horriffic compared to 1440x900.

Personally, I don't see why any retina user would use anything except perfectly 1/2 retina rez. The GPU is too slow for native-rez, 1/2 native-rez is awesome, and anything else looks blurry and horrible.
This for the feedback I'll compile this up and send it off to our team for review :)

In the mean time, can you try using this terminal command when StarCraft II is closed and see if reverting to the old modes help?

    1. Open Terminal (/Applications/Utilities)
    2. Copy/Paste the following command:
    defaults write com.blizzard.starcraft2 DesktopModeIsDefault 13. Press Return. (There should be no output if done correctly)
    4. Exit Terminal.
Any fix for this? Or a work around. What resolution works best until this is resolved?
We're working on the way the game generates resolutions to better handle this.

For the moment, there isn't a fix for this. Have you tried the terminal command I suggested above to see if it helps?
I have, it does not change the available resolutions.
Yea. This only allows you to play in the 1440x900 resolution if your desktop is already set to that :/ Well, this is something the team is looking to update. Once more information is available, I will ping this thread back.
I'm having a problem with the resolution options. The option's that appear to me are all bizarre:

1152 x 720
1634 x 1022
2002 x 1252
2314 x 1446
2588 x 1618
2834 x 1772
3062 x 1914
3274 x 2046
3474 x 2172
3662 x 2288
3840 x 2400

Where is 2880 x 2800? I've used this option when i have the WoL.

Besides that, a fps of 25 is good for single player? And for Multiplayer? If not, what can i change?
What is the best graphics set for my mac? Single play and Multiplay?

I use:

Resolution: 2588 x 1618
Texture Quality - Ultra
Shaders - High
Lighting - Ultra
Shadows - Ultra
Terrain - Ultra
Reflections - On
Effects - Ultra
Post Processing - Medium
Physics - Extreme
Models - High
Unit Portraits - 3D
Movies - High
Indirect Shadows - Off

I've a macbook retina display, i7 2.6GHz - 8GB DDR3 and i'm using the NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M 1024MB
Just forget to say that i'm playing now Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm, the problem's started after i installed SC2: HOTS.
Has there been any progress on this? I'm getting frustrated that my macbook pro retina struggles so mightily to play this game on anything besides low resolution low graphic settings.

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