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+1, all Blizzard games really need 1440x900 resolution option (exactly 1/2 res) for 2880x1800 Retina displays. This has been a major issue with every Blizzard game on Mac (WoW, D3, SC2) for months.
it's still a problem. how hard can it be to fix this ??? all I want is to set 1440x900. why would this be a problem ??
This issue should be known to Blizzard for about a half year now. Yet there is no patch and no ETA for a possible fix to this. While the performance of Starcraft II on a Mac is relatively abysmal in general since december 2012, this bug makes Starcraft II basically unplayable on any MacBook with Retina Display.
Unfortunately the number of responses in Blizzards own forums ins quite low, possibly making this look like an "issue of few customers".

Is Blizzard dropping serious Mac / Retina support or is there really something in the pipeline?
The Retina issue is known for more than four months and still with an ETA of "one of the upcoming patches".
Given that Starcraft 2 is almost unplayable on ladder with a Retina MacBook Pro this is really disappointing by Blizzard.

There is a distinct difference between waiting for an performance improvement for the OS X Client and waiting for a patch to essentially make it playable again.

I am really looking forward to Blizzard fixing StarCraft II for Mac.
Looks like the latest patch fixed it! I can run at 1440x900 on my rMBP 15"!
Even with the 1440x900 resolution fix I'm still getting terrible fps (15-20fps) on my rMBP 15".
This is extremely frustrating. Basically I can't play this game at all because every time I try it won't register when I click on something and apparently there is no fix. And I've tried everything on this forum and suggested to me by Support. I'm praying a patch comes out soon, which allows me to play. Though my setting is at 1280x800 which should work for my 13 inch retina, so perhaps I have a different problem? Also MazerRackham on this forum, said that he'd rather be able to play on a higher resolution. My problem is that I can't play at all because I can't click on anything. Can other people play but at low resolution?

When is this going to be fixed?? It's been a while since they've known about it and I really cannot play until it's fixed!
Still no fix for this?? Is there any settings file we can manually change to force a specific resolution?

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