Cannot start game offline, PLEASE HELP!

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I'm active duty US Navy and I like to play starcraft while I'm on the ship. This requires me to be offline. I've read probably a hundred posts on how to fix this issue but I cannot. TO BE CLEAR: I CAN connect to the servers when I DO have internet and play normally but I'm trying to play offline on the ship.

I've downloaded and updated to the latest patch AND connected to the streaming server to start playing.

However when I try to start the game while not connected to the internet it tells me that it cannot get the latest patch information and I only have the option to click "OK" which closes the patcher and does not start the game.

I started the game with internet then load a saved game and it said it had to download game data in order to play from a save game or restart to play from the streaming servers. I elected to download to play from the save and download the game data. I let it finish entirely and was able to play from my save. Out of curiosity I started the game connected to the internet then disconnected and chose to play from a save and it worked just fine.

My question is how the heck do I start the game whilst not connected to the internet onboard my ship?

This problem is the only thing holding me back from getting 'Heart of the Swarm'

Please help!

(Ticket US36314192)
i am having the same problems as you are when i try to play offline, and im in the same situation too
bump again
Why isn't anyone taking care of this issue????????
Apparently this is the way blizzard wants it to be. It's not about piracy, it's about having control. These jerks.

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