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I just got Swarm and am looking for 2v2 teammate. I am a casual player although when I play I do research strategies and watch videos. I am a bit rusty but will improve with practice. My last RL friend and I got up to gold. My best times for playing are Saturday and Sunday afternoon. I am in Corpus Christi, TX and would prefer playing with someone in the same time zone but as long as that time schedule works for you I am not picky. I would prefer an adult teammate though. I can use anything needed for communication, google, skype, vent, etc.

Hello. We'd love you to join us at Team Elite! teamelitestarcraft.weebly.com.
Hey, I am in Houston and am also looking for a team mate. Send me a message if you wanna try and play a few games together.
I love in corpus as well, message me in game sometime bud.
Corpus Christi Player here <<< Recently started playing again and am currently high gold. You guys still play? and are there any Texas Clans?
Come take a look at our recruiting post:


We're looking for other casual & mature gamers who'd like to group up for some Co-Op Missions, Weekly Mutations & Multiplayer AI fun.

If you think we may interest you...please respond to the thread or request an invite in-game.

Thanks & good luck!

Katy, TX

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