Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class IX

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Mission is over and three days have passed since the mission also all students have been called to the sim room. also see post 384, I believe, of the previous thread for ONE reward

IC: Sam and I re-enter the Academy right before the call to the sim room went out. I sigh but make my way towards the dorms wanting to clean up after that sandy sparring match Sam and I had finished a few minutes prior.
I stop attacking the bots, and cancel the training against the bots, needing to head to the Simulation Room. I wipe the sweat away, put my helmet back on, and head to the Simulation Room.

I walk out of the course, having set a benchmark for myself, and I go to the Simulation Room.
IC: i walk towards the simulation room. An eerie feeling overtook me.... like something wasn't right... but i shrugged it off and continued
Sahlk charges through the halls towards the simulation.

I look at Cynthia. "Not that, it is more that I was worried about what you were planning for the party." I reply. I hear the announcement. "Odd. Wouldn't mother have alerted us of such a thing?"

"I think it shall be enjoyable to see their greatest strengths, and then when they face us again, shut them down completely." The boy replies. He obviously cared more about the tactical knowledge and get stuff down than his sister.
IC: Sam heads to his dorm to wash up and change into his combat suit. {{What is it dante?}}
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"Then explain the last three days. I told her I was always available, but that I'd be in the training room most of the time, learning to focus this new power. In that three days, I've heard nothing from her. No hello, no how are you, no anything." I slump in the chair, the tears falling on the table. "In the short time I knew her, she'd managed to find a way to my heart that only one other had, and she vanished...if this is what's destined to happen every time I open up," I clench a fist, slamming it on the table in front of me, "maybe I should stop caring."

I sigh and give his shoulder a gentle squeeze;
"Maybe she just needed some time to herself, or she's just indecisive.. Hell whatever the case, I don't think it was a gibe at you, she seems like a very upfront person."
I say comfortingly.

As the message goes out, I head for the sim room.
I shrug, my eyes puffy and irritated, but I suppose I couldn't stay strong like I had forever. "Maybe. Who knows why. I just know it hurt." Taking a moment to compose myself, I glance at Alicia. "Stefan said he thought I could help you. What with exactly?"
I arch an eyebrow in confusion;
"What was he talking about exactly?..."
I ask.
I stand, turning slowly and preparing for the "shoot the messenger" slap. "Your mind."
IC: After his shower he puts on his suit and heads to the sim room.

OOC: Wait did we get a reward for the mission?
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OOC: Wait did we get a reward for the mission?

OCC: You were supposed to choose one, only one.

Crystal Barrier: +10 HP and SP.

Psychosis Launcher: Any attacks the afflicted enemy attempts harm only themselves. Five posts to recharge and cannot be used more than twice in one mission.

Optical Enhancements: +2 range to a single ranged weapon. Things like melee weapons do not count.

I arrive at the Simulation Room, and wait.

I arrive at the Simulation Room behind Omicron, and lean on the wall.
OOC: Steel... i shall quote: ITS A TRAP!!!

IC: {{i was gonna drag you to help me get prepared for Tari's party but that can wait after the sim}}
My expression softens;
"Oh Stef... Always trying to keep to your promises.. however futile..."
I say, choking up with emotion.

Entering the sim room, a shiver runs down my spine, and I stiffen;
...what the hell?...
I think, tentatively reaching out with my mind, carefully searching the through the academy for something out of place.
OOC: What page is the reward list on the last thread?

IC: {{Alright}}
"I told him I couldn't help, because of his history as a Dominion soldier. Probably the wrong thing for me to do, but hold habits die hard." I sigh, and push forward. "I do have a way that can help you." Katarn's voice speaks in Alicia's mind, despite any damage done. I am the Xel'Naga, Katarn, Terance's greatest secret, and your only hope of regaining your abilities.

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As Katarn reaches out to Alicia's mind, he encounters a psychically horrifying sight; the pitiful remains of Alicia's psyche is encased encased in the thick, 'gel-like' rotted remains of it's former self, the entire thing emanating the concentrated feeling of death.

I let out a sharp gasp, grabbing hold of Katarn's presence like a lifeline;
"I.. I... don't..."
I stutter before throwing my arms around Terance, giving him a fierce, unrelenting hug;
"Thank... thank you..."
I manage to get out through a tortured sob, shaking.
That's less DM and more informative information. XD

IC: I freeze at the sudden hug, then return it. "I can help, but you can't tell. What's the damage, Katarn?" He shook his head in disgust, and I could feel his anger, a difficult thing to stir, rising. These Dominion scientists are sick and twisted and deserve to die. They have encased her psionic presence appears like a gel here in the mind. I can remove it, but... I sigh. "But what?" It will be excruciatingly painful. I look at Alicia, concern in my eyes. Mental pain of any kind is hard. "It's your call."
IC: Sam enters the sim room and waits for either Tari or Dante
I hear the announcement for every student to head to the sim room and head back to my room to get my armor on before going to the sim room.

My PDA beeps to inform me that a device was leaking Void energies. I quickly begin to check all devices for the leak.
I take a quick shower to get the sand off me and change into my armor again before leaving for the Sim room.

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