Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class IX

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Shade sighed and fell backwards, a rift where she once was as it closed. Appearing right outside of the simulation room, seeing Cayl at full speed. "Damn..."

I didn't know what to do, he was hugging me... As if he's seen a ghost and he's crying! "What the hell happened? Did you see a ghost or something... And stop! You are squeezing to hard!"
I laugh, a musical sound and give him a tired, lazy smile;
"Not your fault..."
I look over and see Stefan passed out on the floor;
"It's a pity he's here..."
I say, teasing, laughter in my eyes.
With the time they did not move, I had stripped my rifle down to an Assault Rifle. I take cover behind the tree again, and blind-fire at the direction of the Ghosts.
Cayl slides to a stop, looking at the traitor and at Boris. "We check the student's vital readouts?"

My face remains bright red. "That...oh Gaia, I'm sorry. I had no intention wasn't...." I found I couldn't talk at all, even if I'd wanted to get the words out, I couldn't. So I settled on the one word I could get out. "Sorry."
Shade moved in closely, disappointed. "Why would someone from Poltergeist willingly betray allies and this school?"

The traitor decided to answer Shade. "Easy... They made me see that even if I'm going to die for being a mutant freak... I get to have my life free as I see fit. No damn organization is going to restrict me until I die! Dying is the only true moment where you get the most freedom and I wanted it!" He spat on Cayl.


Sniper fire was pinned on her as they opened fire, weaving around trees as they took cover from the bullets. Taking aimed shots as a contingency from behind snuck up behind Omicron.
I burst out in peals of laughter, stifling them to a giggle after a few moments;
"It's fine, really."
I say sitting up, my own face red, a grin plastered across it.
The spit froze mid air and got thrown back in his face. "That's pretty sad. Poltergeist exists to help you."
IC: i let go and dabbed the tears from my eyes. "its just that. i was knocked out for a while and i saw you trying to tell me something while a battle was going on. i was running towards you when a giant mech fell from the sky crushing you.... it was as if the world stopped.... like my own heart stopped beating along with yours... and then i woke up"
"HA! I'm not the only one who's working for them, there's even some more from Poltergeist and even a Lorian! Those are tough bastards to coerce... But they convinced the poor b!tch. And I don't care if they serve to help me, I want my own future even if it means death! I'm just a fragment of the past..." The man said before a fist connected with his face, that was when he began to laugh. "You don't realize do you?! If something happens to me then everyone else that's in there is dead!"


I just watched with pity... "I... I uh.... Maybe we should get to doing something more productive... You really are scaring me with your nightmares."
I remain red. "No...I...Gaia, I can't talk..." I stand up quickly and go to where the crystal sat, sitting down, still extremely embarrassed.

Cayl froze his fingers, pulling out the hilt to a katana and putting it above the fingers. "Let 'em go and talk."
IC: i suddenly step away as if a cord just detached. "yes... uh maybe you're right" i say beginning to walk off. Then pain flared in my chest blood gushed to my mouth as i covered it with my hands but still some of it leaked. i collapsed on the floor in pure agony as if my heart was about to burst.
Smiling, I get up and rest a hand on his shoulder;
"I mean it, it's no problem."
I sigh, nodding in defeat. "If you say so. I...think you should know what Stefan and I talked about." I related the conversation and sit back. "Well?"
The traitor just sighed with victory. "You don't understand... You wont be able to kill me until they are all out of my mind... Only I can get them out and if you kill me, they die... If I lose my focus, they die... I'm being generous right now... I could let them die but they want information on them. And I don't care if I'm going to lose my fingers! I'm going to die today anyway..."


I was mopping up blood with torn pages of a book, not paying attention to what book it was. Putting one bloody hand on his chest using my Psionics to help stabalize his condition. "I can't call any medical, the comm devices aren't working and this energy is messing with my Psi communication. Their is no power in the MedBay anyway... I don't know how to help you."
I sensed the person trying to sneak around, and as he steps into my sight, his head explodes from a single shot. I chuckle, and continue blind-firing around the tree. Suddenly, I was dragged out of the fight, and wake up.

I step into the Medbay, but the power was out. I sigh, and take a seat, still slightly winded.

A changeling head pops out of the glob attached to the Traitor's body, and speaks, its speech slurred. "Why don't we just infest him and make him turn it off?"
"You talk and I'll recommend Shadow just put you in Cryo sleep for a few years." Cayl didn't move, and his voice uncompromising.
I shrug;
"It's true, the scientist ultimately responsible for developing the drugs that were tested on me wanted to use them to help fight the zerg... using them as some sort of airbone chemical to to cut of their psychic connections. A bold idea, but he didn't have any control over the test subjects..."
My voice turns bitter;
"...Like an eight year old psychic girl too troublesome to be trained..."
I say my chest tightening, as I look away, the topic still hard to deal with even nineteen years later.
IC: my breaths came in ragged sighs "just.... don't leave.... don't leave me alone in the dark." i croak as my eyes become distant.
"You think turning me into him and putting me on Cyro is gonna make me think my life? It isn't... I'll just wake up as soon as it's over..." His hair was a mess now.

Shade just looked at him. "What do they want? Do you have any idea why they want you to do this?"

"So they can figure out how to better take them out... Of course darlin'... But they want something from both of your brats."


I slapped Dante's face, trying to get him to stay awake. "Don't you dare die... You'll make it!"

Off to see the Queen, oh the magical Queen! A Zergling came out of nowhere and began to lick up the blood, I then speak to it... Telling it to grab something from the Medbay... It scampered off.
IC: "i will try...... i.....will...try" i say

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