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{{Fine! You are such a wimp you know that? No wonder you didn't have the balls to ask me before Terance!}} I was playfully teasing with him... Still making light with everything that has happened the past few days. {{Still, I'll ask them but you are in charge of setting up the party. And if you want... Since I don't know when your birthday is, I could give you an early present... I just need to talk to the Queen of the Hatchery about it.}} I had managed to reach the cafeteria... No one was in there except for the Infestors and the Chef serving one of my favorite dishes in this one section... Wheeling up I grabbed myself some fried eggs with potatoes and toast with chipped beef gravy.
IC: {{ uuuhh your present wouldn't be a 'plushy' baneling curtesy of the Queen would it? But yes of course i'll set up the party and imma drag Sam into it as well}}
{{Alright... But, it ain't a baneling plushy...}} My tone of voice was more serious now. {{Your life.}}
IC: {{does the queen know how to deal with a rotting brain? But i want to know the conditions first. As much as some sorta half human half zerg thing sounding tempting i'd rather not
I get out of the shower, and nod to Omicron. I get dressed, and head to the Cafeteria for food.

I go into the shower after Kelly gets out, nodding to her as well.
{{No Human Zerg fusion needed... Think of it as she'll pick up bits of your brain and clean up the damage done and replicate them, she'll then inject it back in there and repair the damage pretty much... That's why my uncle was down there earlier, talking to her about my spine.}}
{{well in that case count me in. Not dying means a lot to me. So you up for breakfast?}}
{{You said it yourself... And you were right. I should let people help me and I'm helping you... I already have my food and I'm quite enjoying it myself thank you very much ya slowpoke.}} I say as my voice was muffled, putting food in my mouth.
I exit the shower and dry off before getting dressed. I leave and head towards the cafeteria.
IC: i walk into the cafe and load a bunch of stuff onto my plate before sitting with Cynthia "another strange thing is i haven't heard Jack talk to me at all... i wonder what he's doing in my head" i say

meanwhile inside Dante's head:

jack can be seen skipping through meadows of flowers with pink rolling hills in the background
03/10/2013 05:20 PMPosted by darkra
jack can be seen skipping through meadows of flowers with pink rolling hills in the background

IC: I gave a smug look on my face. "Really now? I'm actually quite surprised that your sister slash brother is quite... Trust me... I'm confused about what happened that day. You having a brother that's a sister but a sister that's a brother... Hmm... Are you sure Jack wasn't just a woman who was more masculine? After all Jack is also a female name."
IC: "no he was a male... i think. I guess you were right about my other personality not being an exact replica of my brother. i guess she is like him but has her own intelligence"
"So your other personality... It's not him, but she's a replica? How does that make any sense? To me it doesn't having a brother, and then finding out that your brother is a female inside your mind. I'm thinking it was a she but you found her as a brother figure." I say. Putting eggs and potatoes on my toast as I scooped up some chipped beef gravy.
IC: "it confuses me just talking about it" i say wolfing down a BLT. "but i can't come up with a definite explanation for it all either"
"Hmm... And one thing, don't pull that 'Spectre's are Insane' BS on me please... Not all Spectre's are insane, most of them just grow attached to other items to help them in their condition... But back to Jack. I'm saying it's a she who you thought to be a brother figure."
I enter the cafeteria and note Dante and Cynthia eating together. I get a bunch of food and head over to the table Dante and Cynthia are sitting at. "Is it OK if I sit with you two?"
My back had been mostly healed and I had gotten to sleep in my bed that night. But I had to sleep on my stomach due to the back injury. At the first sight of dawn on the fifth day was when was released from the infirmary, and it had almost been as hellish as the infirmary.

"A pretend Changeling plushie for the person who gets the reference."
IC: i give her the thumbs up "i guess a sister figure"
"... Or that works." I beckon over Tari. "Sure... We just got here ourselves... Talking about his brother or is it sister?"
I arrive at the Cafeteria and grab eggs, bacon, and muffins. I take a seat, and dig in, wondering what we were going to do today.

I get out of the shower, and get dressed. I brush the hair of my doll absentmindedly as I make my way toward the Cafeteria.

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