Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class IX

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Cayl laughs, shaking his head. "You can do your damnedest kill the students, but they're full of surprises. Those two don't stand a chance."

I shake my head. "Right...but that isn't what I wanted your opinion on..."
I shake my head, clearing my dark thoughts;
"Sorry, that's always been one hell of a mental rut for me... What do you want to know about then?.."
I ask.
I sigh, and the confusion crosses my face. "The last part, about leaving your life in my hands."
I blush and look away again;
"Like I said, it means he trusts you... Stef gives people his trust based on what they do... You gave me a part of my life back that I'd thought I had lost forever... As far as actions go, well yeah, it means a lot."
I say, embarrassed.
I nod slowly, watching her reaction closely. "There's more to it, I can see it in the way you act."
The tips of my ears turn a delicate pink and I sigh;
"I guess there is..."
I say leaning in and giving him a kiss.
I almost pull back. Almost. Between how well I'd gotten to know Alicia in the last few hours and Katarn's goading, I kiss back.
Sliding forward into his lap, I wrap my arms around Terance and give him a hug. After an endless moment, I pull back and tuck my head to his chest;
"You're a good man, Terance. If Cynthia can't see that, then she's a fool."
I say simply.
I sigh, realizing that despite how much I liked Cynthia, there was something about Alicia that she didn't have. Putting a finger under her chin, I turn her face towards mine and kiss her again. "She's already lost out."

Edit-Stefan should wake up right about now XD.
I close my eyes, savoring the moment until I hear a familiar noise; Stef clearing his throat to get someone's attention;
"If you don't mind, I'd like some help up. That energy pulse winded the hell out of me."
He says, propped up on one elbow, a bemused and somewhat indifferent expression on his face.

I bolt upright, my face flaming red.

XD Couldn't resist.

LOL, great minds think alike.
I clear my throat as well and stand up, walking over to Stefan and offering a hand. "Something tells me you're just enjoying the show." I smile, showing I intended only to joke with him. What had me worried was his real reaction to what he just saw.
Zarkun: ... that is just mean ... though I guess Cynthia can go for Dante :P

IC: I wake up on the floor of the Sim room. My warp sword is inactive next to me and Sam on the other side. I crouch over Sam check him over. "Sam! ... Sam?" I was very concerned as I couldn't sense his mind. I kneel over Sam trying to wake him up for a while.
I snort and shake my head;
"Trust me when I say your not the first guy that I've caught her snogging. She was a down right pain in the @ss to keep out of trouble."
I say, accepting the hand;
"Oh, and Alicia? I hope you've settled down in the last ten years."
I say, getting up with a grunt, Alicia flushing bright red again;
"A bit."
Comes her small reply.

So Morph, hows the HotS campaign? NO SPOILERS!!!!!!! (or there will be blood.)
Epic ... so very !@#$ing Epic ...
Ironically Morph, that's the plan XD

IC: Helping Stefan up, I chuckle at his snogging remark. "That's of British origin. Slightly funny you know it." I look from him to Alicia and back again. "So....I'm not going to have to defend myself?"
"Heh, I'm not going to beat the crap out of you for falling in love with the woman who happens to be the closest thing I have to a daughter, if that's what your asking."
I say rolling my shoulders;
"Well, I'm off."
I say heading out and down the hall to my room.

Good to hear, sounds like it's living up to the snippets that I've seen so far.
IC: Sam just lays there for awhile before looking at Tari. "I don't remeber drinking" He says while holding his head.
I look from the door to Alicia and back before closing and locking it again. "I detected a hint of sarcasm in there."
I grin;
"Stef's always had a dry sense of humor, that's for sure."
I say, stepping over to Terance and giving him a hug;
"Something tells me a change of sleeping arrangements is in order..."
I say with a wicked undertone, my head pressed to his chest.
I chuckle and think about it a moment. "Well, even if we get it OK'd, there's still the matter of the traps..."

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