Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class IX

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I snort;
"Your a smart fellow, I'm sure you could come up with some sort of pass key for me..."
I snap my fingers;
"Got it! Figured out what to do for Tari's present."
I say holding up my room key;
"I think a little note that says 'For Sam' aught to do the trick..."
I say grinning ear to ear.
I laugh, my whole body shaking. "That would certainly make his and her day both. Now, to find a teacher." I unlock the door and open it, speaking my name and guest in rough Xel'Naga while letting Alicia out. "I'm sure we can find them here somewhere."
I smile tears welling up in my eyes. "Please ... don't do that again." My voice full of emotion I lean down and hug Sam resting my head next to his. "I ... I love you and I don't want to lose you ... lets get a room together ..." I don't try to fight the tears as they were tears of joy not sadness.

OOC: preemptive edit to CR's post in the morning: CR DEAL WITH IT!!
I nod;
"I remember there was a call for everybody to head to the sim room... There's probably a teacher there... I wonder why nobody came looking for us?..."
I say, a look of concern crossing my face.
"Could have to do with that energy that knocked Stefan and I out..." I say as Ghoster appears in my left hand, my right resting on the great sword. "We'll just move with caution."
I say, unholstering my plasma carbine;
"You have point."
I move down the hall slowly, checking around each corner carefully before moving on. Once we reached the end of the Dorms, I sighed and looked back at Alicia. "I do believe the teachers have it handled."
I ask, lowering my carbine, head tilted to the side.
"I can't sense anything threat, so let's hurry." Ghoster vanishes and I break into a light trot.
I nod and flick my jump-jets on, speeding along beside Terance.

This is probably a good place to stop for the evening, seeing as we're the only two on.

... I stand corrected.

Three then.


I curse profusely as I have the access to the portal closed. The Void energies are dampened but still present.

The sudden shock of being in the simulator room then into an environment that is constantly was taxing on my mind at first leaving me stunned. I recover after a bit and try to maintain cover as I try to figure out what was happening.
See, we aren't alone XD

IC: I glance over at Alicia and sigh to myself mentally. I need to open my eyes a bit more often... I smile a bit and keep the pace.
Charging along, we quickly make our way to the sim room...

...and NOW we're stuck, because CR running the show here.
OOC: Yeah and zark is off for the night as well.
OOC: preemptive edit to CR's post in the morning: CR DEAL WITH IT!
Pff, please, I got a character pregnant on this, you ain't sinning yet son.

IC: Terance and Alicia could hear voices inside, almost as if there was an interrogation going on.
"And you are underestimating them all... Of course, isn't that what you do best... Cayl?"

Shade was getting angry, delivering another punch to his face. "Tell us more about them then..."

"Quit that unless you want them dead!" Gregor had been released from the mind... Losing focus also loses his grip on his mind. "They are leaders, you already know this...But! There is peace on their planets crime. no invasions, nothing! Just that all of their civilians love them! Wanna know another tip? I'm not going to tell where the others are in this place that works for them..."


I cried, it was hard trying to come with the terms that you know that someone that you know who's a friend is going to die... "Dante.... Please don't die... I can't handle anymore friends dying on me..."
CR: I know that was for Sam waking up
CR: I know that was for Sam waking up
Ah that.... I just let Gregor go anyway.... Not enough people so I'll just come to the assumption that we know everyone's strength.
Right ... darn it steel ...
Right ... darn it steel ...
Hmm... So if Dante dies on Cynthia as a friend who she cared about (Not the same as loving), and if Terance hooked up with Alicia... O.o
We got ourselves an emotional time bomb of mass destruction.
I get up, hearing the teachers arguing with someone. I get up, tense and partly paranoid about what happened.
"Please tell me this is not part of that damn ever-shifting place." I sigh, and look at the teachers. I hear the power come back on as the AIs and engineers finally restored the power.

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