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I cried, it was hard trying to come with the terms that you know that someone that you know who's a friend is going to die... "Dante.... Please don't die... I can't handle anymore friends dying on me..."

i love it how you emphasis friend so much in that post XD

IC: "strange thing is.... i feel.... all my sins have been removed, like.... i could fly...." my eyes start fluttering and then i black out.

OOC: gonna be away for a good while today so of course incapitation.
I stumble as I get onto my feet. "By my ancestors what happened?"
I glance sideways at Alicia and slowly open the door, peeking in.

Cayl shook his head. "I've never underestimated anyone. But something this idiot should know." He turns to the traitor. "They're Neil Lierth's children. They don't give a damn what happens to you, so long as they get their goal."
OOC: What did I do?
You were gone for an extensive amount of time XD
OOC: Well school started back up.
Really? You're telling me you had your spring break already?
My spring break is another week away ... and reply to my last IC would ya Steel ...
OOC: i'm in canada and right now i'm on march break
OOC: right bro gave me some disturbing news while he was reading this thread, and i jsut got up. Tell me what the !@#$ i missed.

And what the hell someones doing threatening to kill my character without my express permission / me doing something stupid enough to warrant death without my permission(because if i do something stupid that can result in death..well that's my own damn fault)?

I think the danger has passed but someone explain to me exactly what the hell they tried to pull when i wasn't on to post.

EDIT: I'm too tired for this i'm gonna get a shower to wake up.
The Twins, who paralyzed Cynthia, bribed a Poltergeist guard into helping them analyze the students strengths. Basically, they know how strong we all are right now.
and i'm dying XD
You've been dying for three or so threads though.
the entire RP actually :p
You've been dying for three or so threads though.

no i mean split second near death not just i got a few days to live kinda thing
Ah, well, that's new, yes.
Sorry but yea my spring break was last week. and been working on new homework and moving to my new house. Doens't leave a lot of time to rp. In regarts to the void mission thing just say it knocked sam out for all of it.
CR already dealt with that Steel.
Well then I'm just in the land of confusion
I smile tears welling up in my eyes. "Please ... don't do that again." My voice full of emotion I lean down and hug Sam resting my head next to his. "I ... I love you and I don't want to lose you ... lets get a room together ..." I don't try to fight the tears as they were tears of joy not sadness.

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