Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class IX

Joeyray's Bar
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I take a seat and start eating. "Heh that sounds interesting." I take a bite of some eggs and chocolate chip pancakes with maple syrup.
03/10/2013 05:46 PMPosted by TheLostMorph
start eating myself.

IC: "Yes... Very interesting. In fact it's so interesting we can't even figure out if it was really his sister or his brother who is now his sister but his brother?"
I shake my head. "Damn ... that is very interesting ... and very confusing."
"I know right?... And I heard it's your Birthday tomorrow. Wantin' anything exciting? Maybe from Sam?" I grin, laughing in the inside.
I arrive at the Cafeteria, and grab some eggs, bacon, french toast and hash browns. I nod to Cynthia, Dante and Tari as I walk past them, and take a seat. I take my helmet off, and eat.
"Yeah." I take a bite of pancakes. "Not really ... I kind of just want it to be like any other day."
IC: "aww that's no fun! Birthdays are supposed to be happy, when you remember all the good times in life. On that note don't we have to talk to Shade about something Cynthia?"
"What Dante said, you should try to be happy... Hell, if nothing works out just hang out with Sam... And Dante? I'm going to talk to my mother... Remember you have no balls!" I say, teasing.
Zaros walked into the cafeteria and grabbed a steak. He bit into it, and for a second, if you looked hard, you would've caught a glimpse of his teeth. Though his teeth did not look human. They looked like canines.

"Morph, is Crymson and Jester done talking about their sexual fantasies?"
IC: i laugh "yes i remember Cynthia. But to prove you wrong i'm coming with you"
03/10/2013 06:06 PMPosted by ShadowFury
"Morph, is Crymson and Jester done talking about their sexual fantasies?"

Yeah, we're done.

Boris stands in a tree, upside down, lost in his thoughts. Still.
I chuckle slightly. "You're right but ... I never really did anything special on my birthday when I was younger ... perhaps it is time that changed."
SF, yes we are done trying to embarrass you. XD

IC: "Oh really now? If that's the case then you can go... Unless you want to accept that you have no balls." I wave at Zaros. Just giving him a friendly gesture of "Good morning"
I look back at Tari. "You don't have to if you don't want to... But it should be fun if you do!"
IC: Sam injects himself with his serum before changing into black cargo pants and his black spectre shirt. "Man I need to get my hands on more serum soon. Maybe I should order some from my contact." He mutters to himself before heading to grab some food.
IC: "but if you aren't there i can't ask! its not like i'm on good terms with Shade anyways"
I get done with the food, and before I go up for seconds, I take a breath of Terrazine, and then go grab more food.

I return the tray, and head over to the Simulation Room, to see if a simulation could be made for a single person to use.
Zaros nods towards Cynthia and continues tearing through the steak.

I decided not to change clothes, especially since my back was still raw. I walk out of the room, completely unaware of my shirt being completely bloodstained on the back.

Sahlk exited his dorm and headed to the cafeteria to secure some creep in a bowl. His egg sacs burst with the four little Zerg popping out, two locusts and two harpies.
"See ya later Tari... Dante is too chicken too talk to my mother himself." I say, wheeling away as I left my tray there. "Well are you coming?!"
IC: "yaya" i say catching up and strolling beside her. "so.... about what happened 3 days ago.."
"See ya later Cynthia." I chuckle before I return to eating.

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