Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class IX

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"You weren't thinking straight and I wasn't thinking straight... Remember we only kinda argued with each other... It's not like something drastic happened."
IC: "i know. But uuuhhh.... how do i ask this..."
IC: Sam grabs a tray with an apple, coffee, and plain oatmeal and sits down across from Tari. "What is the news of today" He asks with a smile
My eyebrows were perked up. "Ask about what? I'm curious... What is your question?"
IC: "uumm...." i say struggling to blurt out the question. Suddenly Jack appears beside me "he's asking if you like him or Terrance" she says before disappearing. i blush a bit
"Cynthia and Dante seem to be up to something, Dante has a brother that is a sister and vice versa ... and my birthday is tomorrow. Any news from you?" I finish my pancakes and eggs.
IC: "I'm low on serum, have a headach from being thrown into that wall, and I ordered you a few things that should arrive today." Sam says as he quickly eats his food
Boy, that really escalated. That really got interesting real quickly.

IC: I gulp... I wasn't expecting that question... After all the last few days I had managed to get to know Dante and he seemed like a really nice person. Then Terance was there for me and cared... But so did Dante. "...I don't know..."
IC: "haha. Take your time, its not an easy choice and it may even end up with neither of us being picked." i say, not knowing how to continue
"Sorry I didn't try to stop you ... I ... was distracted." I don't inquire as to the nature of the items he had ordered.
"No... It isn't and I don't know what to say... I'm afraid that I like Terance but I've gotten to know you really well these past few days... I think I like you as well... Equally... I don't know what to say..." As we continue down the halls...
IC: "the decision will come to you Cynthia. It will. Weither its me or if its Terrance i just want you to be happy with your choice"
"The thing is... If I choose you then Terance will get mad at and do something... If I choose him you might do something reckless to yourself or worse... I'm worried that I'll make the wrong decision!"
IC: i stop walking. i kneel down beside her "its not about me or Terrance Cyth. if you follow and trust in your heart the choice will come. if it is the true choice you won't regret anything. as for what i'll do if Terrance gets picked? i'll respect your decision. heck i'll even sing a song celebrating the occasion!"
I stood just out of sight, listening to the conversation, my fist clenched and shaking in anger, tears coming unbidden from my eyes. I was thankful for the helmet. I had trusted her, showed her a part of me no one else had, or ever would, know about. Well, I guess trust was a bit overrated. Turning, I walk away from the cafeteria, heading to the training room to burn some steam.

IC: "Its alright" Sam says as he finishes up eating. "Besides I hope to never see those things again"
I closed my eyes and sigh. "I can't pick... Not now, maybe never... Just... Let's go." As I wheel off.
Bullsh!t Darkra. I've established that he's not that easy to sense.
03/10/2013 07:00 PMPosted by Zarkun
Bullsh!t Darkra. I've established that he's not that easy to sense.

well if an invisible psionic clone just happened to be floating around you don't need sensing and Dante and Terrance have to settle this sometime XD

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