Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class IX

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Terance would rather things not come to blows, so don't bet on it.
OOC: kk i deleted the post. but that was a bit unexpected

IC: "well anyways lets head for Shade's office"
I gave a nod.


We arrived at the office and I knocked on the door trying to get her attention... She wasn't in there. "Mother isn't in her office, if anything she's doing something and is really busy."
Swinging through the cafeteria, I grab a bite to eat and for the training room.

Entering the cafeteria, I spot Stefan darting through, a missive breakfast burrito in hand;
...never does go for something small does he?...
I think with a chuckle.
Zaros finishes the steak and heads for the basement.

I pass by Cynthia and Dante. "Hello." I the realize it is Dante. What the f*ck?
IC: "what are you staring at! Yes i'm hanging out with a girl!" Korzis just keeps gapping at me which i respond with a facepalm
I get done eating, and head to the Training Room. I have some of the bots deploy for hand-to-hand combat, and start training against them.

I head to the Firing Range to use my SMG again.
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Zaros just keeps gapping at me which i respond with a facepalm
That's Korzis. XD

IC: "Hello there, brother... I'm with Dante because he has no balls to ask mother seeing if he can use the Dance Hall tomorrow night to throw a part for Tari since it's her birthday tomorrow."
"Korzis. Cynthia's brother is first person. Not her father."

"No. I am just surprised Cynthia is hanging out with you and not Terance..." I then change my attention back to Cynthia. "How much have I missed?"
I flip over a training bot, spinning mid air and cutting it in two, landing and pivoting on my left foot and blocking another bot, kicking it away. I activate the aura, flash stepping between the bots. When I stop moving, the turn towards me, then fall apart, cut into pieces neatly. "Not good enough...not for her, not for me." I activate some more, Ghoster and Ender, the great sword, blurs in my hands as I work, moving from foe to foe.
IC: "Well anyways do you know where Shade is?"
Walking into the training room I watch Terance go at the training bots with vengeance;
...something's got him pissed, that's for sure...

As he finishes off the last of them, I call out his name;
"Terance, care to spar?"
I ask.
"Dante... If I don't, then he doesn't. Trust me." I then gaze over to Korzis. "Oh, nothing much... Me and Dante just talking while finding mother... Dante I'll go ahead and talk to her later, you can find something else to do. Now brother..." I was thinking... " The only thing I can think of is that Tari's birthday is tomorrow."
IC: "So Tari anything interesting going on today?" Sam asks as he takes both of their trays back
I flash step, sliding to a stop behind the last bot, kneeling with both blades behind me like wings. Standing up, I sheath Ender and Ghoster vanishes as I look at Stefan. "No thanks, not in the mood."
IC: "no problem. I'll just go check on Sam and Tari. You take care alright" i say before walking off
"Not much really I was thinking of going to the surface for some training." I say as Sam and I leave the cafeteria.
I finish the last of my food and toss the wrapper in the trash;
"Right, I'd say someone or thing has got you pissed off, assuming that it's Dante, you personally want to go beat the crap out of him."
I say, casually leaning against the wall, projecting an indifferent attitude.
"No where near the mark." I start to walk towards the door, hot tears of anger still running down my cheeks, my helmet still up. "What's it matter to you anyways."
"What are you planning?" Korzis replies, not liking her facial expression, or tone of voice.

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