Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class IX

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IC: "Want some company?" Sam asks as he follows her. He seems really tired
"You happen to be on the same side as me, and I don't like it when my allies aren't thinking straight. Simply put, you're not in any condition to fight, mentally at least. And angry people do stupid things."
I say bluntly, blocking his path.
"I don't intend to do anything to put anyone at risk." I push past, heading down the hall. Just myself.
I dispatch the final bot, listening in on the conversation the whole time. I let the bots replace themselves, and walk over to a bench. I remove my helmet, and wipe some sweat off my head, then say, my comment directed at Stefan: "Hey, I think he wants to be with his own thoughts. Please?"
I grab his collar on the way past;
"I know that tone, heard it too many damn times. Cynthia's being overly friendly with Dante, isn't she?"
I say, both accusatory and understanding.
"You're pushing your luck, Stefan." I push his hand off. "Back off."
I retain my grip for a moment and then let go;
"I've pushed my luck for more years than you've been around. You either need to talk to somebody or blow some more steam. Which is it going to be?"
"It's fine with me but you seem like you should rest." I'm obviously a bit concerned.
IC: "Its nothing just some nightmares keeping me up at night" Sam says with a weak smile.
"Neither." I leave and head down the hall. Carving the roses had always been the best way to calm myself. I doubt that had changed in just six days. That's when I remembered the rose. Stopping in an intersection, I considered taking it back, but decide to just let her suffer, knowing that I'd opened up, and she stabbed me in the back. After this, never again.
I shake my head, and go back to the drones, my helmet off. I knew the lights had been changed out so I didn't have to worry about allergic reactions.
"Recommence combat." I say, and the bots go into motion, ready to fight me.
Watching Terance's retreating back, I sigh and shake my head;
{{Academy Security? You should keep an eye on Terance, He's pissed at something and not thinking too clearly right now. Just a heads up.}}
"Nightmares? You?" I ask as I look at him both concerned and curious.
Finishing my breakfast, I start looking for a teacher...

Don't really care who responds to this one.
Cayl was walking down the hall, having heard about Terance, when he ran into Alicia. "You seem to be looking for someone. Anything I can help you with?"

OOC: Here's Alicia's chance to get what help she can before I begin to end the Xel'Naga chapter of Terance's powers.
IC: "Mostly just old memories that willnt forgive me and well nightmares about my ole sarge back in ghost camp. I dreamed he came back to life and looked at me and Said thought you had killed me did you boy. Guess what I'm back. I hated that b@st@rd." Sam says
I think for a moment and nod;
"Actually, yes... Seeing as Tari's birthday is tomorrow I was hopping to get her some psychic crystals, given that she's part protoss... You wouldn't know who I should talk to about that?"
I ask.
{{You're a little late. The Cameras already saw him watching, and the Zerglings can vaguely sense his mood.}} A gruff reply answers Stefan.
{{Just making sure. He packs enough of a punch to kill someone if he's not careful.}}
I say, closing the line.
Cayl thinks for a moment, then shakes his head. "Not explicitly Psionic. Come with me and we can talk to Terance. Unknown to him, I can sense the crystals he carves. Might have some you can use."

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